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Autoclave (Suurmond B.V.)
 Voltweg 2
NL-8071 CZ   Nunspeet
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Company brochure


contact, function department email direct dial
Ms. Natascha Bus   
 +31 341 254900

Company profile

Since 1974, Suurmond has designed, manufactured and delivered sustainable and custom made solutions for the processing industry to help improve production efficiency. Products such as gear pumps, dosing systems and screen changers being the leading components here.
Autoclave has been part of Suurmond since 2000. The product range varies from (pressure) reactors to lab automation, thermal safety and pilot plants. Suurmond is herewith capable to supply products for R&D up to production.

Products, in categories

General lab equipment - Stirring-, mixing-, and grinding equipment
Diagnostics & Life Sciences - Synthesis equipment
Labautomation - Analysis track

Products, as keywords

Main keywords  
Pressure reactors glass and steel
Controlled lab reactors manual operation and recipe controlled
Glass reactors for pilot  chemreactors, glass (pilot) plants and mini pilots


Brand   Description
Büchi Glas Uster AG (Pilot) plants, equipment and peripheral equipment for R&D purposes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Systag System Technik AG Complete, modular automation solutions for the chemical industry; from basic research to pilot plant and process control.
Huber Kältemaschinenbau  High-tech cooling and heating thermostats with capacities between 0.1 and 130 kW, -120°C up to +425°C.

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