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Instrument Solutions Benelux B.V.
 De Liesbosch 50
NL-3439 LC   Nieuwegein
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contact, function department email direct dial
Mr. M. Vendrig, Marketing Manager Sales & Marketing 
Mr. Govert Schröder, Field Sales Manager Chromatografie Field Sales Manager Chromatografie 
Mr. Jeroen van Boxtel, Product Manager Element en Particle Size Analysis Sales 
Mr. Jan Volkers, Product Specialist Chromatography Sales & Service 

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Products, in categories

Analytic Instruments - Mass spectrometry (MS) - Mass spectrometry - triple quad
Analytic Instruments - Gas chromatography (GC) - Gas chromatography (GC) GCxGC
Analytic Instruments - Gas chromatography (GC) - Gas chromatography (GC) GC - MS
General lab equipment - Digestion technology
General lab equipment - Pumps
Labautomation - Pipetting robots
Labautomation - Autosamplers
Labautomation - Cappers/decappers
Optical Instruments - Particle size analysis
Consumables, disposables - Consumables - Consumables (chemical)

Products, as keywords

Main keywords   Sub keywords
ICP standard Custom Multi Element
destruction sample prep
CTC sample preparation automation
laser diffraction particle analyser zeta potential
flame photometer Sherwood BWB
GC Scion Bruker Varian Chrompack
Geno Grinder disruption plant animal tissue
Bruker GC service varian scion
ICP consumables Glass Expansion
Teflon PFA Savillex sporen analyse


Brand   Description
Inorganic Ventures Inorganic Standards for ICP analyses
SCP Science Inorganic standards and sampler preparation for ICP analyses
CTC PAL System automatic sample automation and sample preparation
BWB 5-channel flam photometer with simultaneous detection and display of five elements
Alpha MOS E-Nose - Digitalizing of taste perception
Horiba Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyses
Katanax Electric Fusion Fluxers sample preparation for ICP and XRF analyses
SPEX Geno/Grinder for disruption plant and animal tissue
SSI Precision HPLC pumps

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