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 Meerpaalweg 6
NL-1332 BB   Almere
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Company brochure


contact, function department email direct dial
Ms. Marjolein van de Luitgaren, General Manager   
 +31 (0) 36 549 1010
Ms. Vérène van Dongen, Sales Manager   
 +31 (0) 36 549 1010
Mr. Hendrik Koopmans, Director Sales & Services Sales 
 +3136 549 1011

Company profile

NovaVeth is an innovative supplier of laboratory products and services in the Benelux. We offer complete solutions for biobanks, research centers and other laboratories in the life science industry in the areas of:

Sample storage & processing
Liquid handling
Media Preparation
Flame Sterilisation
Cell culture
Calibration & Technical Services
Customer satisfaction and high quality are of great importance for NovaVeth. NovaVeth has the ISO 9001 and 17025 certificates. ISO17025 is for our NovaVeth Calibration Service for micropipettes (RvA accreditation K147).

NovaVeth provides innovative and high-quality laboratory products and services and thinks in creative and sustainable solutions

Products, in categories

General lab equipment - Stirring-, mixing-, and grinding equipment
General lab equipment - (Incubator)shakers
General lab equipment - Centrifuges
General lab equipment - Pipettes, Pippets
Labautomation - Cappers/decappers
Consumables, disposables - Disposables - Pipet tips

Products, as keywords

Main keywords   Sub keywords
Cappers and decappers 
Benchtop equipment 
Manual pipettes 
Electronic pipettes 
Pipette tips 
Media preparation 


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GenTegra GenTegra is an American company that provides a comprehensive range of stabilization products for the storage of RNA and DNA at room temperature.
HTI Bio-X HTI bio-X, a German engineering company that specializes in superior solutions in the field of automation.
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