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Mr. Peter Boogaard, Founder & Owner   
 +31 654 263516

Company profile

Industrial Lab Automation provides a suite of tailored services designed to develop management strategies to meet your laboratory informatics requirements from begin to end.

Peter Boogaard is founder and CEO of Industrial Lab Automation (ILA) and founder of Paperless Lab Academy brand. His company provides services to address harmonization, integration and consolidation of business processes for R&D and manufacturing laboratories. Peter, a Dutch citizen, studied analytical chemistry in Delft (The Netherlands), where he was introduced to computer software during his research on inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology, now a de-facto standard in many analytical analysis methods.

Peter has considerable experience of working in pharmaceutical laboratory automation industry, new product and business development and manufacturing segments. He has over 20 years of experience in leading complex, multi-national programs. Peter is active member of ISPE GAMP Community of Practices.

Products, in categories

Labautomation - LIMS, Lab Information Management Systemen
Labautomation - Elektronic Lab Journal
Labautomation - LES, Lab Execution Systems
Labautomation - Statistical Data Management Systems
Services - Software consultancy - Software selection
Services - Software consultancy - Software evaluation
Labautomation - Business Intelligence software
Labautomation - Consultancy Services
Labautomation - Business improvement

Products, as keywords

Main keywords  
LIMS ELN LES SDMS CDS Lifecycle datamanagement CAPA PACA ERP MES software
Data Integrity Lifecycle ICH Q10 data security security ISPE GAMP
Paperless Convergence Change software
Paperless Lab Academy PLA Paperless Lab Academy
GDPR General Darta Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Brand   Description
ILA Industrial Lab Automation
PLA Paperless Lab Academy
PACA PACA is in - CAPA is out

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