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Deutsche Telekom Healthcare
 Regulierenring 20
NL-   Bunnik
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Mr. Hans Pijbes, Commercial Director Management 
 +31 (0)6 53555128

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Deutsche Telekom Healthcare is part of the Deutsche Telekom group. It has a net revenue of 73.1 billion euro and more than 218,000 employees. It is globally active in healthcare, not only in the telecommunications field, but especially in the area of supporting care processes. In the Dutch Pathology Market, Deutsche Telekom Healthcare is responsible for the design, development, implementation and maintenance of the national pathology system (core-UDPS) and databank (PALGA). It also delivers these services for the national Birth Care sector (PERINED) and Ambulance Care. Deutsche Telekom Healthcare is the leading supplier of ImedOne, the SAP based ERP Hospital Information System, and delivers state-of-the-art Pathology Information Systems. Its software engineers have an extensive track record in integrating, converting, transferring, connecting and securing pathology data (e.g. pathology research results, patient data, invoicing information) with all major ERP Hospital Information Systems.

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