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Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH
TEL: +49-6184 9393 195
Elementar-Straße 1
63505   Langenselbold
+49 6184 9393-0
Elementar Germany
Contact for IRMS
+(31) 346 269090
B.V. Verenigde Instrumenthandel Salm & Kipp
Sales Partner Organic Elemental Analysis, TOC & N/protein
Beun De Ronde B.V.
Sales Partner Inorganic Elemental Analysis
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Elementar is developer and manufacturer of instruments for elemental analysis and isotope ratio mass spectrometry. We are serving science in more than 80 countries and help our customers to support the quality of life whenever water, nutrition, environment, climate, energy or product quality are involved.

Through our premier brand Elementar we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, tailor-made solutions and comprehensive support. Our products cover organic elemental analysis, TOC-analysis, N/protein analysis, isotope ratio mass spectrometry and inorganic elemental analysis.
An extract of our broad product portfolio:
UNICUBE® - a micro elemental analyzer for easiest elemental analysis
vario TOC cube - an TOC analyzer for TOC/TNb analysis without limitations
rapid MAX N exeed - an N/protein analyzer for maximum performance in protein analyis
isoprime precisION - the most flexible isotope ratio mass spectrometer ever created
inductar® EL cube - an analyzer for high temperature analysis of C, S, O, N and H in inorganics
Products, services
Elemental Analysis, TOC Analysis, N/Protein Analysis, Stable Isotope Analysis, Elemental Analysis,
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Products, services
Elemental Analysis - Organic Elemental Analysis
TOC Analysis - TOC & Water Analysis
N/Protein Analysis - N/Protein Analysis
Stable Isotope Analysis - Staple Isotope Analysis (IRMS)
Elemental Analysis - Inorganic Elemental Analysis

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