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Biosan SIA
 Ratsupites 7, build. 2
LV-1067   Riga
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Company brochure


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Mr. Aleksey Konstantinov, Sales Director Marketing 
Ms. Katrina Djachenko, Key Account Manager Marketing 
Mr. Andrejs Gaivoronskis, Head of Molecular Diagnostics  Marketing 
Ms. Krista Kanberga-Silina, Sales Manager Europe Marketing 

Company profile

Qualitative service and production of newest equipment according to continuous growth of the customer needs are general directions within the framework of ISO 9001:2015 requirements (certification since 2004).
All produced and newly developed products meet EMS requirements and have CE certificate confirmed by international evaluation organizations. The content of harmful impurities, possible recycling of the constructive materials and product marking meet essential requirements set out in European Directives.

Company’ s aims reflect the ways of implementation of this mission:
Development and manufacture of products according to the modern high technology and electronic manufacturing industry.
Constant enhancement of product specification and service connected with distribution of instruments basing on feedback from customers and distributors. Assimilation of new knowledge in the area of biomedicine and „life science”. Implementation of the modern methods of quality control, constant monitoring of industrial processes aimed at enhancement of business efficiency and quality of the provided services.
Extension of distribution of the produced products on international markets, recognition of Biosan as a trade name and as a world leading producer of equipment in the area of „life science”.
Implementation of the company’s activities according to the high standards of ethics as well as compliance with the legislative requirements of the Republic of Latvia and European Union.

Products, in categories

General lab equipment - Incubators and ovens - CO2-incubators
General lab equipment - Incubators and ovens - Incubators
General lab equipment - Stirring-, mixing-, and grinding equipment
General lab equipment - (Incubator)shakers
General lab equipment - Thermostate baths
General lab equipment - Centrifuges
General lab equipment - Water purification equipment
General lab equipment - Pipettes, Pippets
Diagnostics & Life Sciences - Cell manipulation - Cell manipulation
Diagnostics & Life Sciences - Cell manipulation - DNA-isolation
Diagnostics & Life Sciences - Plate readers
Diagnostics & Life Sciences - Plate washers
Diagnostics & Life Sciences - Bioreactors and bioprocessing
Consumables, disposables - Consumables - Consumables (chemical)
General lab equipment - Sampling equipment

Products, as keywords

Main keywords  
Laboratory General equipment
DNA/RNA extraction Automated extraction system
Safety cabinets 


Brand   Description
Biosan Our Company philosophy is to develop modern exciting personal products for sample preparation in the field of genomics, proteomics and cellomics.

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