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Euro-Gas Management Services Ltd
 Churston House, Bascombe Road
TQ5 0JJ   Churston Ferrers
United Kingdom
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Company profile

Euro-Gas Management Services Ltd is trusted globally for gas sensing and gas detection solutions.

Our website may be found at: www.euro-gasman.com

Established in 1989, Euro-Gas has grown from its UK base to effectively deliver gas detection and monitoring products to a multitude of industries worldwide, through its Distributor Network and with Clients including Original Equipment Manufacturers, leading gas detection instrument suppliers, installation specialists, laboratories and research institutes.

Meeting the essential needs relating to the health and safety of personnel, laboratory gas detection and pollution control is at the core of Euro-Gas principles. This is equalled by high quality customer service, which has forged Euro-Gas’ reputation as a trusted gas detection solution provider with global reach.

Product ranges include:

- Gas sensors, circuitry, housing and accessories.
- Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System.
- Fixed gas measuring systems and controllers.
- Portable and personal gas monitors.
- Chlorine gas generators.

Our website at www.euro-gasman.com showcases quality gas sensors, gas detection and gas monitoring solutions. The website enables the user to add items of interest to an enquiry basket for further assistance with their application, gas and measuring range requirements.

If you have a product query or would like to talk to us about finding the right solution to your gas detection requirements.

Products, in categories

General lab equipment - Incubators and ovens - CO2-incubators
Analytic Instruments - detectors
Consumables, disposables - Test kit

Products, as keywords

Main keywords  
GAS SENSORS gas detection sensor, gas, oxygen, carbon dioxide, o2, co2, h2s, sensors, toxic, measurement, gas test
CO2 ANALYSER incubators, cell, analyser, carbon dioxide, embryo, co2
GAS DETECTION gas detection, gas, health & safety, personnel, gases, toxic, combustible, flammable, dangerous, detector


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