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 629 Pakramau, Kursi Road, Lucknow
226026   Uttar Pradesh
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Mr. Aviral Jain, Global Marketing Head Marketing 
 +91 9919963376
Mr. Asif Amrohvi, Customer Care  Customer Care 
 +91 98387 11500
Mr. Abhishek Awasthi, International Marketing Manager Marketing 
 +91 95656 00098

Company profile

Microlit was established in 1991.With a strong R&D and innovation oriented approach and a well-structured Quality Control System, it is one of the most reliable source of Liquid Handling products including Micropipettes,Bottle Top Dispensers,Electronic Pipettes,Motorised burette and Pipette stands.
ISO 9001,13485&17025 certified. All products are CE marked.Microlit has proved its supremacy in Bottle Top Dispenser production with the launch of worldwide patented ULTIMUS and award winning BEATUS.

Products, in categories

General lab equipment - Pipettes, Pippets

Products, as keywords

Main keywords  
BOTTLE TOP DISPENSERS dosing, acid dispensing, safe dispensing, re-circulation valve, reagent dispensing
E- BURETTE  titration, water testing, karl fisher, digital burette, concentration determination
MICROPIPETTES analytical instruments, clinical chemistry, microbiology, pipettes, laboratory instruments

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