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Fuchs Maschinen AG
 Englisberg 17
CH-1763   Granges-Paccot Schweiz
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Company brochure

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Company brochure


contact, function department email direct dial
Mr. Daniel Baumann, CEO   
 +41 26 510 1001
Mr. Toni Jurt, Sales Manager   
 +41 26 510 10007

Company profile

FUCHS Maschinen AG has specialized in manufacturing simple and efficient machines for bulk material processing.
Planning, production, sales and export of process technology machines focusing on bulk materials in the
food, plastics, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries,metallurgy and agriculture.

Most of the products made by FUCHS Maschinen AG are manufactured order-specifically. After design and production, the parts are assembled to create the end-product in the company’s own workshops with the utmost care. We are thus able to supply high quality products promptly.

FUCHS products are used in almost all countries worldwide.Thanks to our many years of experience and
corresponding expertise they have a reputation for their functional efficiency and quality.

Drum blender: Laboratory blender

Laboratory blender MIXOMAT miniLaboratory blender MIXOMAT mini
Laboratory blender MIXOMAT ALaboratory blender MIXOMAT A

Laboratory blender MIXOMAT mini

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laboratory blender drum blender; laboratory blender; mixer,


Brand   Description
MIXOMAT A Laboratory blender, mixer, drum blender,
MIXOMAT mini Laboratory blender, mixer, drum blender,

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