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Media Kit

Media Kit

See our media kit for all options and costs.

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Costs and conditions

There are several possibilities to list your company data at In a variable listing, you can choose exactly the items you want. A package gives more for less money.

All prices are exclusive of VAT (where applicable).

Variable listing

Below you find an overview of possible items in a listing and the costs.

Items in the listingCosts per year
Top listing¹ € 434
Logo at your companypage € 102
Address data (1st office) free
2nd and following offices € 51
Link to website € 155
Products: category+ group of keywords € 31
Brand + description € 23
Contacts, incl. email address € 26
Company profile, 1st 500 characters free
    more, per 500 characters € 51
Images with link only for packages

¹ Top listing: First after searches; Logo on companies page and all expertse pages chosen;
  Bold in company list; Logo on company page.

For a paid listing below € 51 administrations costs of € 10 apply.


With a package you have a very complete listing for a reduced price.

Items Gold Silver Standard
Top listing¹yesyes-
Logo at your companypageyesyesyes
Address data (offices)321
Link to websiteyesyesyes
Groups of keywords201510
Brand + description15105
Contacts, incl. email address543
Company profile, number of characters200015001000
Images with link15105
Value € 2617 € 1934 € 1251
Costs per year€ 1099€ 895€ 560

¹ Top listing: First after searches; Logo on companies page and all expertse pages chosen;
  Bold in company list; Logo on company page.


To make sure your company is seen, you can place a banner in the frame of our site.

banner full banner box banner
per year € 1385 € 865

Combination of package and banner

An optimum result is reached by a combination of company listing and website banner. And you save on the costs!

Combination packages (per year)
full banner box banner
Gold-package € 2125 € 1715
Silver-package € 1915 € 1485
Standard package € 1675 € 1245


Every month the digital newsletter (in Dutch) of is sent out, with an overview of news, job vacancies and events.
With a banner or advertorial you attract attention of almost 23000 readers!

► Click here for an example of the newsletter.

Rates of advertisements on the newsletter
number of placements 1 x 6 x 12 x
top banner (375x60) € 310€ 905€ 1560
full banner on top € 310€ 905€ 1560
box banner A (156x156) € 285€ 865€ 1505
full banner (450x72) € 230€ 750€ 1280
box banner B (156x70) € 155€ 615€ 1010
Advertorial, per placement€ 350 

Focus on news

To gain extra attention for your news item, you can place it in the Focus.
The photo and title of your news item will appear on the homepage of our site for one week.
Furthermore you are certain that your news is placed in the next newsletter.

Placement for 1 week costs € 100,-

Apply for news in the focus.

  scale 70%
(scale 70%)


The payment term of a listing is one year. Payment must be received within 14 days of online confirmation. Your listing will be visible during this time but will be shielded if payment is not received within the 14 day payment period.
At the end of the payment term your listing will be automatically renewed for a further year.

If you remove paid items within 8 days, these items will not be charged.

You may cancel your listing by informing us in writing (by letter or email) one week before the contract renewal date.
However, according to the terms of our cancellation policy, no fees will be refunded. reserve the right to refuse or cancel listings or advertisements and do not accept liability regarding company listings or advertisements.


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