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News items January 2017

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Informatics: the glue to build enterprise knowledge Integrating platforms acceleraes QbD continual improvement initiatives
Informatics: the glue to build enterprise knowledge
Integrating platforms acceleraes QbD continual improvement initiatives Text preview
30-01-2017  |  762x  |  White paper  | 
Informatics Engine Drives Pharma Development Toward QbD QbD Quality by Design
Informatics Engine Drives Pharma Development Toward QbD
QbD Quality by Design Text preview
30-01-2017  |  765x  |  White paper  | 
Adopting self documenting paperless mindset Less is more
Adopting self documenting paperless mindset
Less is more Text preview
30-01-2017  |  798x  |  White paper  | 
CPhI Istanbul sees first ever Biopharma Conference
Developments in local manufacturing, regulatory strategies and market entry debated Amsterdam, 30th January 2017: CPhI Istanbul – organised by Ubm emea in partnership with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey (IEIS) – returns to Turkey for its fourth edition with a new co-located event, BioPh to join ICSE, P-MEC and InnoPack. Taking place 8-10th March 2017, the five-in-one event is expected to bring together over 4500 pharma industry leaders from 82 countries and 236 exhibitors. This year, the MENA region’s most prestigious pharma show is housed in a new venue – the Istanbul Expo Centre (IFM) – as CPhI Istanbul sees a huge 72% increase in floor space and exhibitors since its inauguration. A rapidly emerging MENA biologics industry in both Turkey and the wider region sees key trends in biopharmaceutical, biosimilars and biobetters debated. With the goal of developing Turkey as an R&D and technology hub, the Government has put place a number of measures to stimulate expansion of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical activities. For
30-01-2017  |  398x  |  News in brief
Rainin TerraRacks™ ideal for clean working practices
Rainin TerraRacks™ ideal for clean working practices
The Sysmex Inostics training center in Barcelona, Spain, is discovering the benefits of Mettler toledo’s Rainin pipettes and TerraRack™ pipette tip racks at first hand, as Dr Laia Freixa, training center manager, explained: “Sysmex opened the Spanish training center in June this year, so it is a very recent initiative. Current and potential clients from around the world come to the laboratory to learn about OncoBEAM® Ras crc test, a liquid biopsy technique that helps cancer specialists determine the most effective treatment for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.” “We use a range of laboratory equipment during training, as well as in our R&D department, including a variety of Rainin pipettes – single and multichannel, manual and electronic – ranging from two to 1,000 microliters, as well as TerraRack pipette tip racks. We are routinely performing PCR so clean working processes are essential, and the use of sterile consumables, such as TerraRacks, is a key
26-01-2017  |  349x  |  News in brief  | 
Facing Cross Industry Challenges in Food and Pharma Scientific Computing by Peter Boogaard
Facing Cross Industry Challenges in Food and Pharma
Scientific Computing by Peter Boogaard Food companies are becoming pharma companies. Pharma-foods, the intersection between food and pharmaceuticals, represent an area of growing opportunities for the food sector. Developing pro-active approach adapting QbD as a standard model and implementing new tools such as PAT, KQI and CQA will leverage learning’s from both industries. Agile processes integrating “intelligent Equipment” will result in a new system-landscape allowing a seamless dataflow from start-to-end. This article deals with: * The mind-set and human factor critical to adopt best practices in both industries * Cross-industry learnings including deployment of PAT and QbD/6 sigma * The changing role of the consumer interaction and how it may become part of the product life cycle
25-01-2017  |  741x  |  White paper  | 
Considerations for Software Expansions and Upgrades
Considerations for Software Expansions and Upgrades
The last thing an organization may want to do is start a project to change a working enterprise application environment. A lot of energy has been spent to make it finally work in the way your organization works and so that your users like it! So, why rock the boat? Industry reports show that the main reasons for introducing change are to:  implement new IT infrastructure  apply new regulations  consolidate applications after mergers and acquisitions  reduce overall operational costs
24-01-2017  |  759x  |  White paper  | 
Linking an Instrument to a Tablet - Still a bridge too far? Article as it appeared in Scientific Computing.com July 2015
Linking an Instrument to a Tablet - Still a bridge too far?
Article as it appeared in Scientific Computing.com July 2015 In its simplest form, an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) can be thought of as an electronic embodiment of what is currently being done in a paper laboratory notebook. It is a tool that facilitates the workflows that play out in your particular laboratory. However, laboratory information management system (LIMS), electronic laboratory notebook and lab execution system (LES) applications all support this basic definition to a greater or lesser extent. The capabilities of all these product categories are blurring. Today’s market perception is that an ELN is being used on a tablet and not on a traditional computer. An interesting detail worth mentioning is that, when the term “electronic lab notebook” was introduced in the late 90s, tablets didn’t exist at all ! Many laboratory operations are still predominantly paper-based. Even with the enormous potential to increase data integrity for compliance and global efficiency gains when working within virtual teams,
23-01-2017  |  803x  |  White paper  | 
CPhI Worldwide experts make pharma predictions for 2017
The Good, the Bad, and the Donald The CPhI Worldwide expert panel predicts pharma’s biggest opportunities and threats in 2017. The panel forecasts that with the traditional blockbuster drug era widely considered to have passed, orphan drugs and neglected diseases are, in the short-term, likely to deliver pharma’s best revenue opportunities. Over the medium term, developing world economies and cost reductions from new technologies and working practices like Quality by Design (QbD) and continuous processing should help sustain profits. Continuous processing and QbD will also lead a “paradigm shift at instrument companies” with new models specially created for process monitoring and control. CPhI expert, Emil W. Ciurczak, President of Doramaxx Consulting, added: “The instrument companies will cooperate with software vendors to produce a more cohesive operating system(s) that will allow multiple instruments to smoothly work in unison for PAT/QbD applications. In many ways this will be similar to the
12-01-2017  |  366x  |  News in brief
10 tips for improved pipetting results!
10 tips for improved pipetting results!
This ‘best practise’ poster, made bij Integra, has 10 tips on how to improve your pipetting results. There’s tips that are important before you start pipetting, as well as tips on how to make the pipette performance better. For example, did you know that it is import to hold the pipette in the same angle, while pipetting? The angle should not change more than 20 degrees. Read all the tips to see why this is important. NovaVeth offers a calibration service. It is important to maintain the status of your pipets.
11-01-2017  |  436x  |  News in brief  | 
Rainin’s pipettes service
Rainin’s pipettes service
The Coates Lab at the University of California Berkeley focuses on environmental and fossil fuel microbiology, and relies on Rainin to maintain its large pool of pipettes. Laboratory manager Anna Engelbrekston explained: “Our group’s research concentrates on oil reservoir microbes, specifically looking at inhibiting the production of hydrogen sulfide by sulfate reducing microorganisms, which causes oil reservoir souring. We perform a wide range of DNA and RNA studies, as well as colorimetric assays, HPLC and ion chromatography, and have in the region of 90 manual single channel pipettes, plus a dozen or so multichannels. A number of our pipettes are Rainin LTS, which are popular with everyone in the lab, as they are very comfortable and easy to use.” “It is important that pipettes are serviced correctly to ensure accurate, reproducible results, and so, once a year, Rainin’s technicians visit our site to carry out the necessary servicing and calibration. As we use
11-01-2017  |  428x  |  News in brief  | 
Improved pipetting performance for biobanking and diagnostic
Improved pipetting performance for biobanking and diagnostic
Tecan is simplifying handling of biological fluids with the introduction of a wide bore version of its popular 1,000 μl Liquid Handling Arm™ (LiHa) disposable tip. Initially available for use with the Air LiHa™ air displacement pipetting option on Freedom EVO® workstations, this new filtered tip has been developed to help alleviate some of the issues associated with handling complex liquids for applications such as biobanking and clinical diagnostics. The introduction of a wide bore tip option for the Air LiHa is in direct response to customer requests, and is aimed at users routinely working with viscous or non-homogenous biological fluids. Supplied in Tecan Pure purity in Tecan’s standard hanging tray format, the larger diameter aperture of this tip should help to eliminate tip occlusion errors, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving laboratory productivity. The new tip is currently supported for capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD) and
10-01-2017  |  337x  |  News in brief  | 
The MagSiMUS Experience - Edition 2 Thursday February 16th, 2017
The MagSiMUS Experience - Edition 2
Thursday February 16th, 2017 Dear LC-MS/MS or UHPLC user, We cordially invite you for the 2nd edition of The MagSiMUS Experience. This exclusive event will take place on Thursday, February 16th, 2017 in the MagnaMedics demonstration laboratory in Geleen (The Netherlands). The MagSiMUSDX is a unique liquid handling tool that bridges the gap between automated biological sample preparation and mass spectrometry/UHPLC analyses. It makes use of the paramagnetic MagSiMUS clean-up technology for biological samples such as blood, serum, plasma and urine. The MagSiMUS Experience program provides the opportunity to attend live demonstrations and workshops with the MagSiMUS technology. If you wish, you can also bring your own clinical samples for preparation and analysis. Possible applications (such as the measurement of immunosuppressants, MMA, Vitamin D2/D3 and steroids) will be further illustrated during this informative afternoon. You will also learn more about the business aspects (purchasing
09-01-2017  |  361x  |  News in brief  | 
Simulation services for R&D of complex fluids Detailed insight shortens development time
Simulation services for R&D of complex fluids
Detailed insight shortens development time Simulations of complex fluids can help to optimize product characteristics for use as well as in production in a fast and efficient way. As mentioned in the December issue of LABInsights magazine, the use of simulations in R&D can both save time as well as costs. Electric Ant Lab is an independent private research laboratory providing contract-research consulting and simulation services in the field of rheology and transport of complex fluids. Complex fluids are everywhere: from paint, foodstuffs, and shampoo, to blood and concrete slurry. What all these products have in common is that the way they flow is very complex. Sometime this is desirable, like paint that flows well when you apply it but doesn’t flow when it sticks to the wall. Other times it can lead to problems, for instance when the flow through transport tubes in the production process is to fast and the liquid turns into a semi-solid and clogs the pipe. Our simulations of the flow of complex
09-01-2017  |  861x  |  Product description  | 
Expansion of the tube range with external tread!
Expansion of the tube range with external tread!
NovaVeth offers, next to the 3.00ml tissue tubes, also the 0.75ml and 1.40ml tubes of Micronic with external tread. The external tread improves the safety of the sample because cross contamination is minimized. The tube has thick walls for a sturdy design and excellent properties for ultra-low temperature storage.
06-01-2017  |  686x  |  Product news  | 
New Head Office iVention
New Head Office provides room for company growth. Zwolle, The Netherlands, January 1, 2017 – After another successful year with double-digit growth, iVention BV, lab automation specialist from Zwolle for the world wide life sciences and research industry, moved offices to facilitate its continuous and ambitious growth plans. With a floor area almost three times the size of the old offices, the new building offers ideal conditions for an ongoing company growth. Since its foundation and the successful introduction of the iLES Platform in 2009, iVention has rapidly grown out to establish itself a as leading global provider of innovative LIMS, ELN, and SDMS solutions for a wide range of industries. Currently operating from 5 international offices and employing the largest and most experienced laboratory automation consultancy team in the Benelux, iVention provides a significant contribution to simplifying the work of thousands of lab technicians and researchers worldwide. Throughout 2016, 5 highly experienced professionals
05-01-2017  |  348x  |  News in brief
Improve your GC analyses by inert coating Use DVLS UltraSilc
Improve your GC analyses by inert coating
Use DVLS UltraSilc To meet the growing need for inert material in GC analyses Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions introduces UltraSilc: a process that treats stainless steel, borosilicate glass and quartz parts to eliminate adsorption of unstable components. The use of the UltraSilc treated parts improves the accuracy of the chromatographic results. Application Range of UltraSilc The UltraSilc treatment can be applied to GC parts manufactured of stainless steel, borosilicate glass or quartz such as: • Detector parts • Flow controllers • Inlets • Liners • Regulators • Unions • Vials • Tubing The coating facilities are located at the head offices of Da Vinci in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Before starting the UltraSilc coating process all parts will be professionally cleaned to remove any surface pollution. The UltraSilc treatment applies an inert coating to the untreated parts. The coating thickness ranges from 100 - 200 nm (nanometer). The coating on the metal parts will
05-01-2017  |  653x  |  Product news  | 
Official Launching Telstar Aeolus
Official Launching Telstar Aeolus
We are very pleased to announce the official launching of a new range of Laminar Flow Benches, for product protection: Telstar AEOLUS AEOLUS has been a joint development of Telstar organizations in different countries. Devoted to provide a high quality product with big attention has been paid to issues as energy consumption, service and ergonomics. AEOLUS is not only top-of-the-line as per product protection: uniformity of flow, easy cleaning, no dead areas, but is also offering the lowest consumption of energy to save money and to contribute to sustainability. AEOLUS is offered in two ranges: AEOLUS H: Crossflow units, available in 4 different sizes AEOLUS V: Down flow units available in 4 different sizes
05-01-2017  |  544x  |  Product news  | 
New Univo Screw Cap Recapper SR024 at NovaVeth The newest model of the Micronic recappers is the SR024
New Univo Screw Cap Recapper SR024 at NovaVeth
The newest model of the Micronic recappers is the SR024 The newest model of the Micronic recappers is the SR024. This machine offers the ability to cap, decap or recap 24 tubes in one single movement. This only takes 30 seconds. The SR024 is very user friendly and extremely durable and reliable. In addition, the Recapper SR024 has an optional sensor that verifies all caps have been removed. This minimalizes the potential cross-contamination. The SR024 is compatible with Micronic 6.00ml tubes.
04-01-2017  |  694x  |  Product news  | 
Paperless Lab Academy program available! 4 & 5 April 2 day free* congres including top presenters and 20- workshops
Paperless Lab Academy program available! 4 & 5 April
2 day free* congres including top presenters and 20- workshops Stop thinking in product acronyms and consider capabilities to achieve a paperless environment, instead. Suppliers will position their products and offerings with acronyms to create a unique position, which is fair in a complex and changing market environment Software options overlap and blur the boundaries both in daily life and in our laboratory operations. When to purchase a LIMS, ELN, SDMS, or LES? And should we consider to use cloud? What are the risks? What are the pros and cons? What will be the impact from a regulatory ort privacy perspective? The International Paperless Lab Academy (PLA) conference deliver clear answers to these questions. This makes PLA is an eye-opener for everyone active in the field of laboratory information and automation. Lab managers, IT specialists and policy makers have concrete tools to work better and faster in the organization. The PLA congress provides clear answers to pressing issues in fifteen non-commercial lectures. Twenty
04-01-2017  |  446x  |  News in brief  | 
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