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News items December 2017

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Precision NanoSystems named as one of British Columbia’s fas
Precision NanoSystems is one of the fastest growing businesses in British Columbia (BC) according to the recently published Top 100 fastest-growing companies in BC list from business news journal Business in Vancouver (BIV). This annual list looks at several factors indicating company growth over the last five years – from changing company revenues to number of employees – and ranks Precision NanoSystems in third place, up from 10th place in last year’s list. Precision NanoSystems’ revenues have grown from $81,133 (CAD) in 2012 to over $3m in 2016, an increase in excess of 3,750 percent. This strong financial performance has been underpinned by the company’s NanoAssemblr™ technology platform, which enables rapid nanoparticle formulation and seamless scale-up for clinical development. “Our company’s focus is on accelerating the creation of transformative medicine that significantly impacts human well-being,” said Dr James Taylor, CEO and co-founder. “We have achieved
20-12-2017  |  247x  |  News in brief
Major changes for bio supply forecast in 2018 by bioLIVE
Integration of supply chain a critical issue as industry globalises 19 December 2017, Amsterdam: Industry experts from bioLIVE – the new UBM biomanufacturing and bioprocessing event taking place next year in Madrid (October 9-11)–predict that 2018 will usher in a new age of increased integration and collaboration across the large and small molecule supply chain. Additionally, next year will also see a continued rise in the European bioprocessing and biomanufacturing sectors, along with a resurgence in European biotechs. Experts at UBM have been studying market developments ahead of the new event’s launch, and one of the key factors identified is the relative states of maturity of the supply chains. The small molecule space has nearly 50 years of history behind it, coupled with a highly mature contract services sector, whereas for newer biologicals, such as cell and gene therapies, the potential development and commercialisation challenges that lie ahead are only starting to emerge. Overall, the biologics market in Europe is experiencing
19-12-2017  |  245x  |  News in brief
Envigo implements new surgical model tracking system
Groundbreaking first-in-class software provides real-time tracking, accuracy and access East Millstone, NJ, USA, December 11, 2017: Envigo, a leading provider of nonclinical contract research services and research models, announced today the implementation of a first-in-class surgical model tracking system, designed to track and monitor the entire spectrum of surgical model development – enabling critically required efficiencies while enhancing animal welfare. The system, which tracks both animals and surgeons, works by implanting RFID microchips in each surgically-modified animal model allowing Envigo to record real-time, accurate data on animals in surgery. This system includes proper surgical information on the weight, date of birth of animals, surgical preparation; catheters and implants; analgesics and anaesthetics; length of surgery; post-operative care and recovery, and finally, inventory and shipments. The major benefits for researchers are a reduction of the number of rodents used in research and improvements in surgery and study accuracy. The
11-12-2017  |  284x  |  News in brief
ROMIL Hi-Dry® – anhydrous solvents you can depend on ROMIL’s Hi-Dry® anhydrous solvents take the high purity concept of ROMIL-SpS™ Super Purity
ROMIL Hi-Dry® – anhydrous solvents you can depend on
ROMIL’s Hi-Dry® anhydrous solvents take the high purity concept of ROMIL-SpS™ Super Purity This exceptional range of solvents delivers extremely low water levels of 50 ppm (0.0050 %) or less, with many products routinely manufactured to below 5 ppm (0.0005 %), using coulometric Karl Fischer analysis to ensure specifications are met. All ROMIL Hi-Dry® solvents are supplied in packaging designed to maintain the anhydrous state achieved during purification. The amber glass bottles are oven dried to remove all traces of moisture before filling under inert dry nitrogen and sealing with a tamper-evident, screw-on Hi¬Dry® cap. The cap’s double seal design features a PTFE wad and self-sealing septum, helping to maintain chemical purity while enabling solvent to be withdrawn by syringe via the dispensing hole, which has been enlarged in response to customer feedback. The standard ROMIL Hi-Dry® range of solvents is complemented by pyridine-free ROMIL Hi-Dry® KF reagents and calibrants, enabling Karl Fischer determination of water content without the accompanying
08-12-2017  |  316x  |  News in brief  | 
Determination of different Carbon species  according to DIN 19539
Determination of different Carbon species
according to DIN 19539 In waste management it is necessary to differentiate between the different carbon species in soil and soil-type sample matrices. High TOC levels in soil can prevent the anaerobic digestion process and limit the Nitrogen enrichment in the subsoil. Via the traditional high temperature combustion (TC) and the acidification (IC) methods, the TOC value determined, is actually the sum of TOC + TEC, instead of TOC only. To determine the potential risk for example in waste disposal the TOC value (without TEC) is decisive. The Skalar PrimacsSNC-100 offers several traditional methods for determining TOC/TN and additionally a temperature ramping program allowing for the analysis of TOC, TEC and TIC separately, according to DIN 19539 which perfectly suits this application. The analyzer can measure Carbon as Total Carbon or differentiate Carbon as Organic (TOC400), Elemental (ROC) and Inorganic Carbon (TIC900) . The analyzer uses high temperature catalytic combustion
07-12-2017  |  501x  |  Product news  | 
ADC Bio signs construction agreement with specialists WHP
Construction on state of the art facility to begin immediately 6 December, 2017, Wales: ADC Biotechnology (ADC Bio) – a specialist ADC contract services company with proprietary conjugation technology designed to overcome process and aggregation challenges during the development of new antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) – announces the signing of a partnership agreement with multi-disciplined engineering specialists, WHP.   Development work will now start on the construction of the dedicated bioconjugation facility at the company’s new site in Deeside, North Wales, UK. The contract follows the announcement in September of ADC Bio securing $11 million in funding to establish manufacturing operations for the supply of ADCs for human clinical trials. The new facilities will provide much needed capacity to its global ADC clients from its newly acquired Deeside facility, which is planned to be operational in September 2018.   The design, planning and building work commences immediately and will deliver a purpose-built, dual
06-12-2017  |  291x  |  News in brief
Plasticell and Anthony Nolan to partner in clinical trials
Partnership will cover clinical trials of ex vivo expanded cord blood stem cells 5 December 2017: Plasticell, a developer of innovative stem cell technologies and cell therapies, today announced it will collaborate with Anthony Nolan, a leading research organisation dedicated to saving the lives of people with blood cancers, to progress clinical development of Plasticell’s ex vivo expanded cord-blood derived hematopoietic stem cell product. Allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is a curative therapy for patients with life-threating haematological disorders and the most successful cell replacement therapy developed to date with over 40,000 transplantations performed per year worldwide. Cord blood (CB) is an ideal starting point for allogeneic HSCT as it can be collected and banked without compromising the donor and is more easily matched to recipients relative to bone marrow–derived material. However, the limited number of stem cells available in a single cord unit limit their use to paediatric patients and can cause delayed
05-12-2017  |  255x  |  News in brief
STA Pharmaceutical Sees Rapid Growth in MAH Program in China
Since the MAH pilot launch, the company has undertaken eight development programs STA Pharmaceutical (STA) – a China-based global API and Drug Product CDMO – reports that it has seen a rapid uptake in companies with intent to market their products in China using it as a development and manufacturing partner following the CFDA’s announcement of the new Market Authorization Holder (MAH) pilot program last year in China. The pilot was launched to allow drug license holders to use qualified contract manufacturing service providers in certain geographic areas (10 trial provinces and municipalities), thereby increasing innovation as biotechs would no longer need to invest in their own manufacturing facilities. Since STA has existing CFDA approved facilities in China – at both development and commercial scale – and extensive experience with the pilot program, it is poised to be one of the biggest participants of the MAH projects for innovative new chemical entities (NCE). In just the first full year of the pilot, STA is already undertaking the development
01-12-2017  |  259x  |  News in brief
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