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News items February 2017

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Envigo enables completion of thyroid hormone tests
Fully validated highly sensitive method in accordance with OECD guidelines Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry technique can detect T3 and T4 levels in 4 and 13 day old F1 rats Princeton, NJ, USA, February 21, 2017. Envigo is pleased to announce that it has developed and validated a robust analytical method to evaluate the potential effects on thyroid hormone levels in rat F1 offspring. It is now possible for Envigo to successfully determine levels of T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine) hormones in serum from rats at days 4 and 13 of age using ultra high pressure liquid chromatography coupled to a high-end tandem mass spectrometer (UHPLC-MS/MS) for detection. As a consequence, OECD reproductive toxicology guidelines OECD 421, 422 and 443 which include an evaluation of thyroid function can now be performed at Envigo. This highly sensitive method was successfully validated for the determination of T3 (5 to 1,500 pg/mL) and T4 (70 to 70,000 pg/mL) in rat serum for F1 animals at days 4 and 13 of age using a sample volume of 50
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Domestic manufacturing increase to fuel growth at CPhIRussia
Distributors, API manufacturers, and machinery providers seeing high demand across Russia CPhI Russia @IPhEB returns to the Russian capital – taking place at the Jsc vdnh (VVC), Moscow 28th-30th March – as the Government’s Pharma 2020 plan continues to stimulate demand for international pharmaceutical ingredients, manufacturing and packaging equipment. The event’s 4th edition will see the P-MEC zone, for pharma machinery specialists; the Innopack zone for pharma packaging professionals; and include the content-led IPhEB Conference (Forum) along with numerous networking opportunities. Collectively, the partnerships and deals struck at CPhI Russia have helped establish Russia at the forefront of pharmerging markets and it is expected to reach a value of $31.2 billion by 2019. This, coupled with a Government commitment to invest nearly $5 billion in funding to bring existing manufacturing sites to GMP standards, is driving increased interest in the event. Under the new plan, foreign investment is also encouraged through a fast-track approval process and tax
20-02-2017  |  310x  |  News in brief
Haloacetic acids, bromate, and dalapon in natural waters – new method is 50% faster than current USEPA method
Haloacetic acids, bromate, and dalapon in natural waters –
new method is 50% faster than current USEPA method Wu et. al. present a new method to analyze nine haloacetic acids (HAAs), bromate, and dalapon plus four potentially more toxic iodinated HAAs in natural waters by coupling ion chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (IC-MS/MS). The new method is 50% faster than the current USEPA method 557 including more compounds and achieving sub-µg/L level detection limits for all 15 target analytes. HAAs are one of the most commonly detected disinfection by-products in US water utilities. Some of them are regulated by the USEPA and have been classified as potentially carcinogenic. HAAs have traditionally been analyzed by GC methods, which require derivatization and sample extraction, which are laborious, time-consuming, and can have a negative effect on reproducibility. The method presented in the paper by Wu et. al. overcomes these disadvantage by coupling ion chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry. The method was applied to investigate concentrations of 13 HAAs,
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Pharma companies to grow overseas sales at CPhI SEA
ASEAN Economic Community helping transform domestic manufacturers into regional MNCs CPhI South East Asia returns to the Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia for its sixth edition from the 22nd-24th March 2017 as regional pharma companies expect robust growth. The slowing pace of global markets and the increasing threat of a new protectionist wave is transforming the outlook of South East Asian manufacturers, which are now shifting their focus towards regional exports. Mirroring this trend, international investors and companies are increasingly looking at more business access in Indonesia and across the entire ASEAN economy. Comprising almost 40% of the SEA economic output, Indonesia is the largest pharma market in the Southeast Asia/Asia Pacific region (SEA/AP). The country has the biggest and fastest growing economy in the SEA region and a pharma market comprising approximately 200 pharmaceutical companies. There are already 25-30 generic domestic companies with access to the international market, and equally, there are approximately 35 multinational
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When it works well, it’s pure chemistry. And when it’s pure Visit ROMIL at Stand #353 at Arablab 2017 between the 20th and 23rd of March to discover s
When it works well, it’s pure chemistry. And when it’s pure
Visit ROMIL at Stand #353 at Arablab 2017 between the 20th and 23rd of March to discover s For more than three decades, ROMIL has been dedicated to achieving the highest standards of chemical purity, using a unique blend of experienced staff and leading-edge production facilities to create a wide range of high purity solvents, acids, reagents and certified reference materials meeting ISO Guide 34 requirements. Today, the company supplies analytical and life scientists around the world with exceptional quality products, including the PrimAg® range of single and multi-element calibration solutions and pure stoichiometric substances, high purity acids with trace metal ions down to low ppt levels, and ultra-pure solvents that meet the needs of even the most sensitive techniques. ROMIL’s recently redesigned website allows straightforward browsing of the product catalogue from PCs, tablets and smartphones via the interactive user interface, with individual pods enabling rapid access to different product ranges directly from the home page. Customers also have
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Rainin TerraRacks™ benefit researchers at the University of
Rainin TerraRacks™ benefit researchers at the University of
Mettler toledo’s Rainin pipettes and TerraRack™ pipette tip racks are helping PhD students in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Barcelona, Spain, to study metabolic syndrome. Laia Oliva Lorenzo explained: “Our research involves the study of metabolic syndrome at cellular, tissue and organism levels, looking at the cellular metabolism – particularly adipocytes – of rats, and the effects of different diets and obesity. We analyze plasma and tissue samples, and carry out primary adipocyte culture and stromal cell tests.” Cecilia Ho Palma added: “We use a range of Rainin pipettes and tips for our work; single and multichannel, large and small volumes. The pipettes are very light, with a smooth action, and we have a choice of filtered and non-filtered tips, which is especially useful when working in a sterile, RNase-free environment.” Floriana Rotondo continued: “In the past, we have reused non-recyclable tip boxes, refilling
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Pharmapack Europe highlights innovations in pharma packaging
Trends include ‘human factor’ principles, ‘individualised packaging and serialisation’ Pharmapack Europe – organised by Ubm emea – closed its 2017 edition, celebrating its 20 years as the leading European event for pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery devices. The top trends that emerged from the two-day event included: patient centricity, traceability, innovation, compliance and adherence. The milestone edition saw an increase in attendance numbers from 2016, with 5,290 attendees and 411 exhibitors. It was the most international Pharmapack Europe to date, participants from over 100 countries attending to network, innovate and learn in Paris. The conference programme included three sessions focused on ‘Innovation and Compliance’, ‘Patient Adherence: New challenges, New Opportunities’, and ‘Impact on Patient Centricity and Biologics on Packaging and Device Development’. A special emphasis was placed on the emerging importance of the ‘human factor’ – which is defined as patient centricity, adherence and/or compliance – particularly with the
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Clintec marks 20th year of global clinical research
New brand launches with new website Clintec announces the launch of its new brand identity - reflected in their newly created website. This in part marks Clintec’s 20th anniversary and the achievement of significant milestones following another year of substantial growth, together with a succession of key appointments that have enhanced the global leadership team. Clintec, a multi-award winning and privately woman-owned full-service Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) which embraces diversity, was formed 20 years ago by Chairman, CEO and Founder, Dr Rabinder Buttar. Globally Clintec provides full and functional clinical research solutions to major pharmaceutical companies, as well as leading small and medium-sized biotech companies in oncology, rare diseases and other therapeutic areas. With locally based Clintec employees in over 50 countries, Clintec delivers innovative, customised full and functional clinical research solutions to the clinical drug development sector in a focused, flexible and forward
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Rapid detection of microorganisms from complex samples microbiology redefined; rapid quantitative microbiology
Rapid detection of microorganisms from complex samples
microbiology redefined; rapid quantitative microbiology Quantify bacterial pathogens, for example Legionella, within just one hour with the automated and highly specific rqmicro lab-on-a-chip technology. The rqmicro kit in combination with the rqmicro CellStream device guarantees optimal preparation of complex samples from the water and food sector based on immunomagnetic separation and microfluidics with a sensitivity 5-10 times higher compared to the standard method. In addition to a recovery rate of more than 80 % and a sample purity of more than 95 %, the rqmicro testing method also, for the first time, offers the opportunity to quantify viable but non-culturable Legionella. The procedure protects the cell structure and allows for subsequent analysis with a flow cytometer, for plating and cultivation of bacterial cells, or for DNA and RNA extraction. The Legionella pneumophila SG1 kit is now available. Currently under development are kits for the detection of: ⦁ Legionella pneumophila SG1-15 ⦁ Legionella
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Introducing the new SpectraMax iD3 Microplate Reader
Experience the identifiably different SpectraMax iD3 Molecular Devices announced today the launch of the new SpectraMax® iD3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader, a cornerstone of a complete laboratory solution to help you expand the boundaries of your research capabilities. This feature-rich reader has a large, high-resolution touchscreen with an embedded software package allowing you to quickly set up and run custom protocols; integrates near field communication (NFC) functionality for instrument personalization; highlights an ultra-cooled photomultiplier tube (PMT) that reduces background noise; and has SmartInject™ Technology ensuring equal injector mixing across the plate for high-precision experiments. With optimized reagents and the industry-leading data acquisition and analysis tool SoftMax® Pro 7 Software, the SpectraMax iD3 allows you to customize your workflow to perfectly match your needs. ”We are very excited with this innovative new introduction that allows you to run multiple SpectraMax iD3 instruments from
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Plasticell increases flow of stem cell therapy pipeline
Plasticell founder named “Best CEO in the Stem Cell industry” by European CEO magazine 7 February 2017, Stevenage UK: Plasticell, a developer of stem cell technologies and cell-based therapies, has announced that the Company’s founder, Dr. Yen Choo, has been named “Best CEO in the Stem Cell Industry” by European CEO magazine. This accolade in part recognises Plasticell’s success in organic growth as well as its business model for the development of stem cell therapies and regenerative medicines. Plasticell, best known for its award-winning CombiCult stem cell platform technology, has partnered this in the stem cell space with leading pharma and biotech companies, alongside in-house development of drug and cell-based therapies. The company’s new website, launched in January 2017, highlights the therapeutic pipeline which is chiefly focused on the expansion of hematopoietic stem cells and the manufacture of various high value blood cell types. In addition, Plasticell has leveraged an open innovation partnership with GSK and funding from its corporate
07-02-2017  |  315x  |  News in brief
New Elix® High-Throughput water purification system the reliable water purification solution for daily water volumes of up to 9000 liters
New Elix® High-Throughput water purification system
the reliable water purification solution for daily water volumes of up to 9000 liters Designed to operate at the heart of a central water purification solution, the Elix® High-Throughput system offers full connectivity, providing authorized users real-time remote monitoring via computer, tablet or smartphone with access to all important water quality data. The system incorporates technologies consistent in delivering optimum quality, analytical-grade water for use in regular laboratory applications and instrument feeds. The system combines Merck’s Elix® electrodeionization technology with advanced purification, including Progard® pretreatment cartridges, reverse osmosis and bactericidal UV lamp treatment. The new models include Merck’s E.R.A. ™ (Evolutive Reject Adjustment) technology, which automatically optimizes water recovery and reduces water usage costs by taking feed water quality into account. The system can also be linked to a Laboratory Information Management System or Building Management System for enhanced efficiency and productivity. The
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BMP™21-LAB Label Printer identifies every sample You´ll never use a pen again!
BMP™21-LAB Label Printer identifies every sample
You´ll never use a pen again! The BMP™21-LAB label printer is developed to identify samples for life. Combining a tough exterior with intelligent printing capabilities, this portable printer with built-in lab symbols and clear, crisp labels that last, is designed to identify slides, straws, dishware, bottles, vials and tubes. The BMP21-LAB improves the labelling experience by combining ease of use with industry-specific labelling features - all at an affordable, entry-level price point for labs on any budget. The BMP21-LAB printer is a powerful tool built for quick and efficient label making in diagnostic, clinical, academic research, environmental and biotech labs. Label materials for the BMP21-LAB printer are available for lab-specific applications, such as cryo vials and slides, and are built to withstand harsh lab environments, including -196ºC temperatures and isopropyl alcohol and methyl ethyl ketone chemicals. Easy to use For improved lab organization, the label material selection
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Pharmapack Europe Award Winners 2017--20 Years of innovation
Best Pharmapackaging Innovations of 2017 Paris, 2nd February 2017: Pharmapack Europe (#PharmapackEU), organised by Ubm emea, announce the winners of the 2017 Pharmapack Awards during the prestigious Pharmapack 20-years party. In the Exhibitor Innovation category, the winners were: August Faller GmbH & Co. KG - Pharma Compliance Pack; EVEON - Intuity®Ject; Multi-Color Corporation – SMART Packaging Solution; and Nemera – Safelia®. In the Health Product category two winners received recognition, Celgene’s OTEZLA (apremilast) Titrition Pack for their contribution to “patient compliance”, and Sanofi Pasteur & Campak for “Eco-Design” with the Compact Box. OTEZLA (apremilast) Titrition Pack by Celgene was recognised for its design that maximizes patient compliance to titration-dosing schedule. Containing three different strengths of Otezla® pills (10mg, 20mg, 30mg) and easy to read and understand instructions, it promotes patient adherence and compliance to the Otezla® titration dosing regimen. The
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MR Solutions wins Surrey Business Award – Another one to add to the collection
MR Solutions wins Surrey Business Award
– Another one to add to the collection MR Solutions, of Guildford, has won the ‘Waytime Technologies Business of the Year’ award, adding another win to their 2016 awards collection. This latest win is one of the Surrey Business Awards in which businesses based in Surrey compete to win sought after business accolades. MR Solutions achieved this for their innovative preclinical MRI imaging technology and sound business acumen. In July 2016, Nicky Doughty, director and Ben Withinshaw, finance director, of MR Solutions attended a winners’ reception to collect the Queens’ Award for Enterprise (Innovation) at Buckingham Palace. This was hosted by Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. In November, MR Solutions was on a winning streak with a win at the US-based R&D 100 Awards. The 54th annual awards which were held in Washington, recognise the 100 most innovative technologies and services during the year. MR Solutions was chosen as a winner in the Analytical/Test category by a
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