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News items March 2017

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Plasticell signs stem cell research collaborations
28 March 2017, Stevenage UK: Plasticell, a developer of stem cell technologies and cell-based therapies, has announced that it has signed agreements with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to progress its therapeutic stem cell pipeline. “We are delighted to have put together this collaboration which has such enormous potential for the creation of next-generation stem cell products,” commented Dr Yen Choo, founder and Executive Chairman of Plasticell. Separate agreements with the two Singapore research centres encompass technology licensing, collaborative research and scientific exchange visits. Plasticell will initially collaborate with the laboratories of Prof. Peter Dröge (School of Biological Sciences, NTU) and Dr. Farid Ghadessy (p53Lab, A*STAR) to apply proprietary genome editing technology to insert functional multi-transgene cassettes into specific loci of human stem cell lines. The
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Discover the Rainin SmartStand™, the world’s first intellige
Discover the Rainin SmartStand™, the world’s first intellige
Mettler toledo’s recently launched Rainin SmartStand™ is set to transform pipette management. This intelligent, customizable and highly scalable pipette asset management system is easily adapted to any laboratory’s standard operating procedures, helping to drive compliance in regulated environments, such as pharma, GLP and QC laboratories. Non-regulated laboratories can also take advantage of SmartStand to conveniently and efficiently monitor large numbers of pipettes. Each SmartStand can accommodate four manual or electronic Rainin XLS™ and XLS+™ pipettes, reading the embedded RFID chip to determine the current calibration status, which is instantly and clearly displayed on the color LCD screen. A detailed view of the pipette’s service history and calibration status is revealed whenever it is removed from the stand, enhancing compliance by minimizing the risk of accidentally using out-of-specification equipment. SmartStand is supplied with EasyDirect Pipette Asset
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Growing market for generics and liberalization of Over-The-C
PIC/S membership accelerating international interest with market forecast to reach US$115b CPhI Japan – organised by Ubm emea and UBM Japan – returns to the Tokyo Big Sight Centre for its 16th edition from the 19th-21st April 2017. Gathering over 19,600 attendees and 550 exhibitors from 30 countries, the show will co-locate with ICSE, P-MEC, BioPh, and InnoPack. An ageing population, a growing generics market and liberalization of Over-The-Counter medicines make Japan an attractive destination for investments, particularly as the pharma industry undergoes legislative change, with the Government’s bid to cut healthcare expenditure.   Central to the internationalisation of the Japanese market is CPhI Japan, which returns as the most comprehensive pharma event in the region to provide the latest trends, insights and innovations in the industry. The five-in-one event allows visitors to gain access to the entire Japanese pharma industry under one roof, and meet with exhibitors working across ingredients, contract services, biopharmaceuticals, machinery, technology,
16-03-2017  |  319x  |  News in brief
MR Solutions introduces 9.4T preclinical MRI imaging
MR Solutions introduces 9.4T preclinical MRI imaging
MR Solutions’ new 9.4 tesla cryogen free preclinical scanners created great interest from cardiologists at the 20th Annual Scientific Sessions of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR). As well as being extremely powerful this new scanner can be multi-modality, incorporating PET and/or SPECT capabilities. MR Solutions’ helium free scanners offer a compact scanner with a small stray field at a very competitive price. SCMR has worldwide attendance amongst top healthcare professionals who are committed to cardiovascular development and their clinical application. In attendance were cardiologists, radiologists, physicists and technologists. Both of MR Solutions’ range of preclinical scanners, the Flexiscan and Powerscan were on display. The scanners can incorporate integrated multi-modality options such as PET or SPECT. The Flexiscan system requires no specialist knowledge and can be operated simply by running pre-defined settings. There is no need
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Envigo expands R&D capabilities in non-animal technologies
At least five further tests to be introduced ahead of CiPA recommendations Princeton, NJ, USA. March 15, 2017: Envigo announces that it will develop and internally validate five to seven ion channel In vitro tests for measuring cardiac risk potential – ahead of the Comprehensive In Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CiPA) recommendations expected at the end of this year. These assays will form an integrated suite of tests that include the company’s existing hERG (Human Ether-à-go-go-Related Gene) assay. From 2018 onwards, Envigo expects to create between five to ten new in vitro and in silico tests on average per year. This demand for such tests is fuelled by changing regulatory environments as well as technological and scientific advancements that are making robust in vitro tests possible. The range of Envigo’s current non-animal technology assays that comply with OECD regulatory guidelines span the fields of genetic toxicology, electrophysiology, metabolism, endocrine disruption, skin sensitization, skin and eye irritation, genomics and gene expression.
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Precision NanoSystems unveils innovative system for scale-u
Precision NanoSystems unveils innovative system for scale-u
Precision NanoSystems has launched the NanoAssemblr™ Scale-Up system to support the clinical development of nanomedicines. This latest addition to the NanoAssemblr range is designed for the manufacture of clinical trial material in GMP environments, and will support the production of novel medicines, including siRNA, mRNA and CRISPR/Cas9 therapeutics. The NanoAssemblr Scale-Up system features the same proprietary microfluidic mixing technology as the company’s preclinical instruments – the NanoAssemblr Benchtop™ and Blaze™ – providing seamless scale-up following formulation development. Its compact, modular design uses a fully disposable fluid path with multiple microfluidic mixers connected in parallel to produce a single large volume batch in less time, and is ideally suited to manufacturing batch volumes sufficient for clinical trials. “The NanoAssemblr Scale-Up system is designed to provide customers with a customizable, modular platform for the cGMP manufacture
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Paperless Lab Academy 2017: time to register! Get the full program in your Pocket
Paperless Lab Academy 2017: time to register!
Get the full program in your Pocket One full page program to show you how much the 5th edition of the Paperless Lab Academy brings on with high quality content and as a unique showcase opportunity. If you want to bring your laboratory to the next level of data management and ensure your data contribute to the key business decision in your company, this the right time.4&5 of April, in Barcelona. From one side Northwest Analytics, Gartner, Llilly, Roche, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sanofi, Vetter, Lonza, University of Stan Gallen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the french antidoping agency, etc at the Plenary session From another side, 20 interactive sponsored workshops. An amazing and unique showcase to pick top the latest and greatest of solutions and mythologies available today in the market. more than 25 partners from the laboratory informatics industry, 90% of the most representative international ones. Lots of very fresh news from them, news solutions, new collaborations, new acquisitions...
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Win 2 Nights Stay at the Paperless Lab Academy 2017 International ELN Survey
Win 2 Nights Stay at the Paperless Lab Academy 2017
International ELN Survey WIN 2 Nights stay@ PLA2017 with the Electronic Laboratory Notebook survey: Scientific Computing world in collaboration with the Paperless Lab Academy organizers has launched an International Electronic Laboratory Notebook Survey. Results will be shared at the PLA2017. Whether you have an ELN in your lab, planning to have or not all, we are looking for your assessment on the use of ELN in your lab. Survey is anonymous. Just leave your name and email if you´d like to get a chance to win the prize. nam not announced by Friday March 24th.
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Taking the strain out of cancer diagnostics
Taking the strain out of cancer diagnostics
Rainin electronic pipettes are helping California-based Clarient Diagnostic Services, Inc. to provide cancer diagnostic testing. Flow cytometry supervisor Brian Ngo explained: “Our laboratory uses flow cytometry to detect specific biomarkers that help to diagnose leukaemia, and this involves pipetting microliter volumes of antibodies and samples. When you are doing a lot of pipetting, user comfort is very important and so we decided to invest in electronic – rather than manual – pipettes.” “We looked at the various options available, and chose Rainin E4 XLS single channel pipettes because they are ergonomically designed and very easy to hold. They are also quite intuitive to use – changing the volume is very straightforward – with the benefit of a large LCD screen. There are advantages from a GLP perspective too, as the programmed volume ranges can be password protected – preventing them from being inadvertently altered – and particular features locked down or hidden.
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CPhI China to Launch China Pharma Week
Expanded week of dedicated sessions and trends on the world’s second largest pharma market CPhI & P-MEC China 2017, hosted by Ubm emea and China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters (CCCMHPIE), and co-organized by Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo, will be held on June 20-22, 2017 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Concurrent with the show, the first ever edition of “China Pharma Week” will be launched – 19-23 June 2017 – with 15 important meetings and events held in Shanghai and neighboring regions. The event covers six core themes, including Leadership, Business, Networking, Recognition, Knowledge and Innovation, providing industry professionals richer content and analysis. Conferences and forums like the 8th China-World CEO Summit, CPhI & ICSE China Innovation and Development Forum, 6th P-MEC Summit, and 2017 CPhI & P-MEC Green Pharma Summit will gather global leaders of the pharmaceutical industry to engage in thought provoking discussions on the latest trends in the pharma economy and technology. The five day China
07-03-2017  |  363x  |  News in brief
Automated analysis of active oxygen in hydrocarbon streams with the DVLS Fast Peroxide Analyzer
Automated analysis of active oxygen in hydrocarbon streams
with the DVLS Fast Peroxide Analyzer Hydrocarbon streams such as Styrene, Isoprene and Butadiene may form thermally unstable peroxide types on exposure to air, which could create hazardous plant conditions. Accurate monitoring is required to determine trace amounts of reactive peroxides. Most traditional analysis methods, such as ASTM D2340 and ASTM E299, are affected by oxygen (air) interference. Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions has developed the Fast Peroxide Analyzer that automates the safe, fast and precise analysis of active oxygen originated from hydrogen peroxide and other organic peroxides. The DVLS Fast Peroxide Analyzer (FPA) is based on an HPLC stack including a quaternary pump, an automated sample introduction system, an UV detector and instrument control processing software. The analysis of Peroxide, as active Oxygen, is based on the oxidation of Iodide by Peroxide: ROOH + 2I- + 2H → ROH + I2 + H2O Two reagents: Acetic Acid in Propanol and Sodium Iodide in Propanol are mixed, resulting
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Tecan expands its OEM portfolio with Pulssar Technologies pr
Tecan expands its OEM portfolio with Pulssar Technologies pr
Tecan has extended its OEM product portfolio through the acquisition of the PBC, PSR and PBR piston pumps from Pulssar Technologies. These long life, high precision products are ideal for the automation of dispensing and pipetting tasks in life sciences instrumentation, and perfectly complement the Tecan Cavro® range of syringe pumps and pipetting solutions. This gives instrument designers an even broader choice of liquid handling technologies – as well as an array of robotic and valve options – backed by Tecan’s application expertise and global support infrastructure. Joe Rotter, Vice President of Global Marketing for Components, said: “Pulssar’s high throughput precision pumps enhance our existing product portfolio, meeting the application-specific needs of different customer segments. Pulssar’s reputation for low volume accuracy and precision is a perfect fit for the high quality liquid handling and robotic platforms and components we offer our OEM partners.” Khaled
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CPhI expands in Middle East & Africa in 2018
This is a natural progression and rebrand of the rapid growth seen at CPhI Istanbul Ubm emea announces the rebranding and relocation of CPhI Istanbul into CPhI Middle East & Africa, which will open next year (3-5 September 2018) at ADNEC Centre, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The event is designed to increase partnerships, business opportunities and meet the needs of the entire region, which imports large quantities of ingredients, and relies on a network of distributors and advanced finished dose manufacturers – increasingly important as generics consumption rises. The pharma market in the MENA economies are a mixture of developed, high-income healthcare systems, coupled with high growth regions in North Africa. Total pharma sales are an impressive $32bn – Middle East countries account for $21.3bn (€19.2bn) and North Africa $10.7bn (€9.7bn) – with a compound annual growth rate of 7% predicted through to 2020. Collectively, with rapidly increasing pharma sales in many gentrifying African nations, along with high per capita spends and universal
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