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News items April 2017

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Cellroll from Pfeiffer
Cellroll from Pfeiffer
The Cellroll modular design allows you to expand your system as desired: a control unit can control between 1 and 8 bottle racks. The Cellroll system is available with rotational speeds of 1-2rpm or 2-6 rpm. The construction is made of stainless material, which gives the Cellroll a long life and it is a reliable system which keeps your cells moving constantly. Cellroll, previously know at Integra, is now being sold by Pfeiffer.
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CPhI expert calls for ANDA approvals to be reduced
Girish Malhotra calls for approvals to be reduced by two-thirds to lower drug costs Amsterdam 26th April 2017: Girish Malhotra, President of EPCOT International, and CPhI Worldwide Annual Industry Report member, discusses the necessity of time reduction for ANDA approvals, arguing that if the current approval time can be reduced from ten months to three months, drug costs will decrease. Malhotra states that in order to decrease the time for ANDA approvals, there are three main challenges to overcome. Currently, it takes up to four review cycles to approve an ANDA, and the first and foremost challenge is with submission completeness. On average, it takes the FDA reviewing team 45 days to determine application completeness. This time can potentially be reduced to 15 days if the FDA modifies their review process. Last month the Pre-ANDA program was proposed, a first-step Quality by Analysis (QbA) implementation in the application filing process. Although applications for every product are different in content, the information filing requirements
26-04-2017  |  432x  |  News in brief
MR Solutions wins second Queen’s Award for Enterprise MR Solutions, of Guildford has won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Intern
MR Solutions wins second Queen’s Award for Enterprise
MR Solutions, of Guildford has won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Intern These awards are announced on the Queen’s birthday, 21 April and are one of the UK’s highest accolades recognising business achievement. Last year MR Solutions won the Queen’s Award for Innovation. This has been achieved in recognition of MR Solutions’ outstanding business success with strong export sales growth of 119% over the last three years. This success has been driven by MR Solutions’ strong investment in the development and commercialisation of their ground-breaking cryogen-free preclinical MRI imaging technology which can be combined with other imaging capabilities such as PET or SPECT. Cryogen free has many advantages for the researchers not the least being cost. These advantages include doing away with the cumbersome helium cooling jacket and the emergency venting equipment that was necessary to vent the helium should the magnet quench. It also does away with the extensive building works involved in installing the venting system and these very large
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Concept Life Sciences further expands its service offering With Micro Chamber and Thermal Extraction Facilities
Concept Life Sciences further expands its service offering
With Micro Chamber and Thermal Extraction Facilities Concept Life Sciences has further expanded its analytical testing capabilities by making significant investment into Micro Chamber and Thermal Extraction facilities, used to sample VOCs or SVOCs emitted from products and materials. The investment has been made to cope with the growing demand from both new and existing clients who insist on speedy, cost effective emissions screening and sampling of chemicals released from materials and products. Additionally, the new facilities will allow improved quality control as time consuming sample preparation is avoided by placing the samples directly inside the Micro Chamber which complies with international testing standards. The Micro Chamber can be used for a wide range of applications from emissions screening of construction materials, vehicle production industries, consumer products and E-cigarettes to aroma profiling of foods and consumer products allowing Concept Life Sciences to further support its existing client
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Rainin TerraRack™ benefits cell differentiation studies
Rainin TerraRack™ benefits cell differentiation studies
Mettler toledo’s Rainin TerraRack™ pipette tip racks are proving advantageous for the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Cell Engineering, where scientists are investigating cell differentiation and behavior on a variety of materials. Dr Monica Tsimbouri, a research fellow at the university, explained: “Our research involves growing bone marrow cells onto different materials – for example, plastics, titanium, nanopillars or nanoPEGs – and investigating how the cells differentiate. We use a wide range of techniques – such as GPCRs, In-Cell Westerns™ – metabolomics and next generation sequencing, to study biomarkers related to the tissue lineage at various time points, monitoring how the cells behave on different nanopatterns.” “The new TerraRack tip racks from Mettler toledo were recently recommended to us. We find the Rainin BioClean™ Filter Pipette Tips, which contain hydrophobic filters, ideal for our purposes. As no liquid is retained in the tip, there is no loss
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Japanese pharma companies predict a 17% growth in 2017
CPhI research shows that the biologics and generics sector driving growth over next year Tokyo, 21st April 2017: CPhI Japan – organised by Ubm emea and UBM Asia – returned to Tokyo for its 16th edition (April 19-21st, 2017) with the release of new research into the Japanese pharmaceutical market. Over 90 domestic and international companies attending the event were surveyed to provide a holistic picture of the country’s best growth opportunities. Overall, domestic companies in Japan are forecasting a staggering 17% growth in 2017 – highlighting renewed buoyancy in the Japanese pharmaceutical economy following several years of limited growth. A sector-by-sector analysis showed that 56% of companies believed that biologics and biosimilars showed the offered for the fastest growth over the next year. Companies reported that the most popular biopharmaceutical product classes under development are anticancer (72%) and enhanced immune class drugs (48%) – including cutting edge technologies such as checkpoint inhibitors (e.g. PD1), chimeric antigen receptor
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New series of advanced glove boxes by Montair Efficient facilities make a glove box a complete, compact clean room
New series of advanced glove boxes by Montair
Efficient facilities make a glove box a complete, compact clean room Montair Process Technology is launching a new series of advanced glove boxes as a compact alternative for complete clean rooms. The new series of glove boxes is fitted with modular facilities of the highest quality so that people, animals, processes and the environment are protected against dangers in the strictest safety categories. The glove boxes are suitable for research and production applications in, for example, pharmacy, chemistry, the nuclear industry, biotechnology, engineering and laboratory technology. Efficient filtering and conditioning of air and gasses Montair Process Technology develops, produces, tests and supplies machines and equipment in the field of cleaning and containment technology. To do this it employs its own specialists in the area of industrial design, industrial automation, process technology, electrical engineering and mechanical construction. Montair is now launching its new series of glove boxes for the optimum protection of people,
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Plasticell and Kings College London to collaborate
Trials of blood platelet substitute 19 April 2017, Stevenage UK: Plasticell, a developer of cell therapies including hematopoietic cell replacement therapies, today announced it has partnered with Kings College London to progress preclinical trials of its artificial blood platelet product, manufactured from pluripotent stem cells. The work is supported by a MedCity research grant which funds collaboration between leading SMEs and academics from London universities. Over 10 million units of platelets are transfused worldwide each year in one of the most common procedures in clinical medicine. However, platelets derived from human donors can transmit infections and trigger serious immune reactions that eventually render the therapy ineffective (a condition known as alloimmune refractoriness). In addition, since platelet donations require pathogen testing and cannot be frozen for later use, supply shortages can occur under certain circumstances. Plasticell has developed robust, cost-effective
19-04-2017  |  557x  |  News in brief
UK’s innovation agency deal with Plasticell
Plasticell to produce red blood cell substitute from pluripotent stem cells 13 April 2017, Stevenage UK: Plasticell, a developer of cell therapies including hematopoietic cell replacement therapies, today announced it has secured Biomedical Catalyst funding of over £920,000 from Innovate UK to create a safe, effective red blood cell substitute for human clinical transfusion, in collaboration with stem cell scientists at the University of Edinburgh. Over 90 million blood transfusions are carried out worldwide each year and alternative sources to donor-derived blood are being sought to meet rising demand. In addition there is a need to secure a safer supply of blood products, chiefly in developing countries where there is a relatively higher risk of transfusion-transmitted infection, but also globally where supply chains solely reliant on human donors remain vulnerable to newly emerging diseases. “Scientists have shown that pluripotent stem cells can be used to make red blood cells in the laboratory, however as is often the case with
13-04-2017  |  530x  |  News in brief
MR Solutions launches sealed animal carrier system - For use in cleanroom environments
MR Solutions launches sealed animal carrier system
- For use in cleanroom environments MR Solutions’ preclinical, cryogen-free multi-modality, MRI systems can now be sited in cleanroom environments with the addition of a sealed animal handling bed. This provides a well-controlled environment for handling rodents as the animal bed maintains the health of each rodent and prevents contamination of the laboratory. Containing the animals within the animal handling bed allows the researcher to carry out repeat imaging over time or use different imaging modalities without transferring the animal - this allows streamlined workflow. The Norlux neuro-Oncology Laboratory, an international research center which is part of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) is now using this system on the MR Solutions 3T cryogen-free MRI preclinical scanner. The research is on cancer with a particular focus on malignant brain tumours. Not only does this 17 cm bore scanner provide state of the art images but its small footprint – the size of a desk - means it can easily
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Rycobel introduces Rycolab testing instruments line
Rycobel introduces Rycolab testing instruments line
Rycobel is excited to announce the launch of their own product line named Rycolab to offer a full line of testing instruments for paper and packaging materials. Rycolab testing instruments are the perfect solution to meet your high performance testing needs. The Rycolab product line can be used to measure burst, tensile, smoothness, roughness, … and several other product characteristics. Testing these parameters has never been easier. The instruments come with touch screen controls to make test selection and initiation quick and easy. In addition the Rycolab software can control all your laboratory measurements and store them in one powerful database. The instruments comply to a variety of standards. The Rycobel service team works together with you to provide an installation, calibration, maintenance or hands-on training.
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Enhance your workflow efficiency with rapid tube identificat
Enhance your workflow efficiency with rapid tube identificat
Tecan is helping to reduce waiting times for bulk sample identification with an innovative high speed barcode scanner for its Fluent® Laboratory Automation Solution. The new Fluent ID* module eliminates the need to watch and wait while your liquid handling platform scans and identifies each individual sample tube, allowing 32 barcoded samples to be loaded and identified in just three seconds. The Fluent ID scanner is fitted with a status indicator light offering a clear pass/fail notification as soon as the tube rack is loaded onto the worktable. If one or more barcodes is unreadable, the system’s graphical interface provides step-by-step instructions to quickly and easily resolve any issues, either by rescanning the barcodes or manually inputting the tube IDs. The user can then simply press ‘Start’ and walk away, confident that there will be no tube identification errors. For larger sample batches, the system can even start pipetting the first rack of samples while
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Rainin’s pipette service puts the customer first
Rainin’s pipette service puts the customer first
Careful maintenance of precision pipettes is essential in the highly regulated pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostics industries. Kevin Orf, Senior Manager of Validation and Metrology at a specialty pharmaceutical and diagnostic company based in San Diego, California, explained: “In our line of work, accurate pipetting is vital to avoid any errors in test results. As an ISO 13485 and CAP accredited laboratory, we must be able to demonstrate the accuracy and precision of our pipettes, as well as adherence to a regular maintenance schedule.” “I chose Rainin to service our pipettes – single and multichannel pipettes, as well as Liquidator™ 96 systems – because the company is focused on quality. Rainin’s facility has humidity and temperature control, and is equipped with high quality Mettler toledo balances, and the company can demonstrate NIST traceability, which is important. The Rainin service department is very proactive, and the maintenance and calibration of our
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Precision NanoSystems NanoAssemblr™ chosen for Horizon 2020
Precision NanoSystems NanoAssemblr™ chosen for Horizon 2020
Precision NanoSystems NanoAssemblr™ platform has been selected for the controlled manufacture of nanomedicines as part of the multinational B-SMART (Brain-Specific, Modular and Active RNA Therapeutics) translational research project. This €6 million initiative, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program, aims to use RNA-based therapeutics to silence the production of disease-causing proteins for a range of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s. Professor Raymond Schiffelers from UMC Utrecht is leading the project, and explained its goals: “RNA medicines are interesting because you can use what is essentially the same polynucleotide molecule to treat multiple diseases, just by changing the nucleotide sequence. Our goal is therefore to design modular nanoparticles capable of delivering a payload of therapeutic RNAs to the brain, allowing them to prevent the biosynthesis of harmful proteins at source.” “One of the key aims for Horizon
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Envigo launches R2G2 double knockout mouse model
Mixed background mouse allows researchers to examine radiation dosages effects Princeton, NJ, USA April 3, 2017:Envigo announced today it will launch the “R2G2” mouse at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting in Washington DC, April 1-5, 2017. The R2G2, a Rag2/IL2RG double knockout model, was created by backcrossing the common gamma chain gene mutation (IL2RG) on to a unique C57BL/6 and 129 mixed background mouse with a mutation in the recombination activating gene 2 (Rag2). The R2G2 mouse addresses common challenges that researchers experience with current models used in oncology, immuno-oncology and infectious disease research. The R2G2 provides distinct advantages over other triple immunodeficient models with thescid mutation. One key benefit that makes it ideal for oncology research is the model’s reduced radiosensitivity, meaning it has the ability to tolerate the effects of a wider range of radiation dosages. This helps researchers more closely simulate the treatment environments of cancer therapies, where
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