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News items May 2017

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MR Solutions’ preclinical MRI at World Preclinical Congress
MR Solutions’ preclinical MRI at World Preclinical Congress
MR Solutions, with offices in the UK and Boston, will be showing their latest state of the art 3T to 9.4T superconducting, cryogen-free MRI imaging technology with optional PET and SPECT imaging modalities on stand 407 at the 16th annual World Preclinical Congress in Boston on June 13th to 15th. The congress focusses on the very latest trends and technologies impacting the preclinical drug discovery and development world. MR Solutions’ preclinical imaging systems are revolutionising drug discovery by providing better scanners with a more viable footprint by doing away with all the equipment and building modifications required for liquid helium cooled machines. The company is at the forefront of preclinical MRI, transforming scanners which previously required a whole room into a powerful, benchtop unit which can simply be wheeled in to the laboratory. Physicist and CEO of MR Solutions Dr David Taylor said: ”Our preclinical MRI imaging systems which will be on
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The new high-tech standard for Variable Speed Rotor Mills! Efficient pre- and fine grinding in one instrument with impact or cutting rotor!
The new high-tech standard for Variable Speed Rotor Mills!
Efficient pre- and fine grinding in one instrument with impact or cutting rotor! The Fritsch variable Speed Rotor Mill Pulverisette 14 premium line offers impact, shearing and cutting comminution in one instrument – with a higher performance, better cooling and significantly quieter than comparable instruments. Its powerful motor is ideal for the particularly fast comminution of soft to medium-hard, brittle as well as fibrous materials and temperature-sensitive samples with an extremely fast sample throughput of up to 15 litres and more per hour, depending on the material and parameter settings. Overview of the premium features: Powerful grinding with 22,000 rpm for particularly fast sample throughput Max. feed size < 15 mm, sample throughput of up to 15 l/h and more AutoLOCK grinding chamber for particularly safe work Final fineness down to d50 < 40 μm, sieve rings 0.08 – 6 mm Particularly good cooling of the grinding material Pleasantly quiet operation Very easy to clean due to Clean Design FRITSCH premium advantage:
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Insourcing or outsourcing quality control?
Insourcing or outsourcing quality control?
More and more quality control labs are disappearing. Boardrooms tend to see in-house labs as expensive, and assume that contract labs can test for quality control just as well and at a fraction of the cost. But are the decision-makers right? The next LABinsights issue focuses on QC labs. Do you work in an in-house QC lab, and do you feel your lab deserves to stay in business? Tell us why your lab is indispensable. Don’t wait until your management decides to outsource. Don’t let CEOs complacently assume your lab is nothing but a costly hobby. Take this opportunity to show them why your lab is a vital link in the organizational chain that actually saves them money.
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WuXi STA to co-host MAH summit with CFDA
Industry and regulators combine to have summit on the implications of regulatory changes STA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (STA) – a WuXi AppTec subsidiary and the leading open-access capability and technology platform for small molecule pharmaceutical development and manufacturing – will co-host with the Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration and the government of Jinshan District of Shanghai a special summit on the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) pilot program currently being implemented in 10 regions across China. The event will be held on June 22, 2017 at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel in Shanghai. The MAH has huge implications for international pharma and biotech companies, as it will expedite market access to the world’s second largest pharmaceutical economy by allowing license holders of a drug to sell in China using a contract manufacturer. Ultimately, this pilot will boost local innovation and enable a shorter time to market for drugs. China’s State Council has approved the pilot program in 10 provinces and municipalities: Beijing,
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New entry level reader configurations to simplify basic rese
New entry level reader configurations to simplify basic rese
Tecan’s popular Infinite® 200 PRO series of multimode microplate readers has been updated to even better serve the life sciences market, with a number of new options and configurations designed to provide flexible and user-friendly solutions for entry level research applications. The proven and trusted Infinite 200 PRO microplate reader has been engineered for excellence, and has so far featured in more than 1,800 peer reviewed articles around the world. Based on further customer feedback, it is now available in six application-focused configurations, allowing researchers to choose the perfect solution for their specific needs and budget today, with the option to upgrade as requirements change. The new, budget-friendly configurations include two single- and four multi-mode configurations for absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence detection. Together with a range of optional modules, these instruments ensure high quality results for ELISAs, nucleic acid quantification,
19-05-2017  |  411x  |  News in brief  | 
Cryogenic preparation of sample material Selection of suitable laboratory mills and accessories for grinding processes with dry ice
Cryogenic preparation of sample material
Selection of suitable laboratory mills and accessories for grinding processes with dry ice A solid sample material should always be sufficiently prepared by size reduction and homogenization before it is subjected to chemical or physical analysis. Care should be taken that the analysis sample fully represents the original material and that the sample preparation process is carried out reproducibly. Only then are meaningful results guaranteed. Most sample materials can be reduced to the required analytical fineness at room temperature by choosing a mill with a suitable size reduction principle (impact, pressure, friction, shearing, cutting). However, there are limits for size reduction at room temperature, for example when even a small temperature increase affects the sample in a negative way; or when the material is very elastic and the above mentioned size reduction principles only cause deformation. The perfect solution for these types of samples is cold or cryogenic grinding. This involves grinding aids such as liquid nitrogen (-196 °C) or dry ice (-78
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CPhI Worldwide to launch global pharma market ranking index
Research used to produce a global ranking of countries’ pharma reputation Amsterdam, 15th May 2017: CPhI Worldwide – the global pharmaceutical event, with an attendee base that acts as an accurate barometer of pharma’s overall health – is conducting an extensive survey of international pharmaceutical companies and executives to rank the most prominent pharma countries. This first of a kind survey has been sent to over 100,000 pharmaceutical professionals globally and will evaluate the relative international reputations of all of the major pharmaceutical economies. The anonymous survey will provide a strong indication of the major trends, changes and developments throughout the industry, alongside the international reputation of each major pharmaceutical economy. This will create a country specific pharmaceutical league table across areas such as ‘API production’, ‘finished dosage formulations’, ‘individual market competitiveness’, ‘innovation’, ‘access to research’ and ‘regulatory acumen’ amongst others. CPhI Worldwide is the
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Quantum dots to shine bright with ROMIL solvents
Quantum dots to shine bright with ROMIL solvents
ROMIL solvents are helping researchers at the Cavendish Laboratory, the University of Cambridge’s Department of Physics, to develop novel quantum dots which could be used in the next generation of solar panels. James Xiao, a PhD student in the laboratory, explained: “We’re currently working on quantum dots which emit light in the infrared range, with the aim of significantly increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic cells.” “We synthesise the quantum dots entirely in-house, which is a fairly labour-intensive process and involves several dissolution/precipitation steps, so requires large quantities of various solvents. We have struggled in the past to get some of the solvents we require, particularly anhydrous solvents; they have either very long lead times or very high prices. We only recently discovered that ROMIL offers many of these solvents at the same or better purity, and at a much better price. It’s also nice to use a local company, as delivery times are faster,
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Clintec secures Queen’s Award for Enterprise for second time
Breadth and diversity of global capabilities recognised in international trade catergory Glasgow, United Kingdom, 9th May 2017. Clintec, the global service Contract Research Organisation (CRO), is honoured to announce that it has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2017 in the category of International Trade for a second time. The Queen’s Award, the highest accolade that can be granted to any business operating within the UK, recognises outstanding corporate achievement. Clintec was selected from amongst some of the top performing UK businesses for its differentiated geographical capability and impressive growth in the mid-market of the contract research sector. Clintec launched into the clinical research sector 20 years ago and has organically developed a broad, diverse and cohesive geographical footprint spanning over 50 countries with permanent employees. Powered by the latest technologies in the industry, Clintec provides flexible access to their global platform for clinical trial execution. This value proposition equips
09-05-2017  |  318x  |  News in brief
CPhI Advisory Board returns with five new global experts
Board helps to steer the overall development of CPhI events and content Amsterdam 8th May 2017: CPhI Worldwide, organised by Ubm emea, announces its Advisory Board for 2017. The new board features some of the industry’s most experienced and well-respected executives, consultants and experts and is designed to help shape the agenda at the eponymous CPhI Worldwide event – taking place this year in Frankfurt, Germany (24-26 October, 2017 at the Messe Frankfurt). Jim Miller joins the board on the back of the internationally renowned industry analysis he provides to global pharma and contract services companies through his consultancy, PharmSource. Mr Miller is one of the most influential and respected experts in bio/pharmaceutical outsourcing, and regularly speaks at pharma events and is a member of several editorial boards. Another prominent industry analyst to join the board is Kate Kuhrt, a leading authority on the global API and generics markets, and pharma product launches. She has two decades of experience in covering the industry
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SymCel: Phenotype assays needed for antibiotic resistance
8th May 2017:SymCel comments on the pressing need to develop novel antibiotic drugs, as well as better tools for diagnostics and stewardship in this field. The traditional detections principles have been refined, and novel molecular-based assays have emerged, but the standard assays are still based on the traditional ‘Pasteur-era’ of growing bacteria and counting the colonies. The molecular-based technologies like mass spectrometry and DNA sequencing are very successful in the arena of typing and identifying bacterial species, but the real goal is to find detection techniques that can rapidly and un-biasedly determine the actual response to antibiotic treatment. To finally enter a new era of antibiotics development, an unbiased phenotype assay is required that can be used both for the development of new antibiotics and for determining the resistance patterns in clinical isolates. One of the real phenotype assays available for determining antibiotic resistance
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Revised LPG specification ASTM D1835 now lists the GC method ASTM D7756 for residue analysis
Revised LPG specification ASTM D1835 now lists the GC method
ASTM D7756 for residue analysis ASTM has revised the LPG specification standard D1835-16 to include the gas chromatographic (GC) method for the residue analysis: D7756-13. This GC method is based on the Liquefied Gas Injector technique developed by Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions, which eliminates the need for the evaporation of the liquefied gas. Residue analysis in LPG by oil stain method Control over residue content is essential in end-use applications of automotive LPG. Residues could lead to troublesome deposits that will accumulate, corrode or plug the fuel filter, the regulators, the fuel mixer or the control solenoids. The revised specification standard for oily residue in LPG lists ASTM Method D2158- the oil stain method- and D7756 -the GC method. D2158 requires the evaporation of 100 milliliters of LPG. After evaporation, the remaining volume of the residue is read from the glass evaporation tube. Next step is to dissolve the residue in a solvent, drip the resulting solution
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Precision NanoSystems @ CLINAM 2017 Precision NanoSystems will be showcasing the benefits of its NanoAssemblr™ System and micr
Precision NanoSystems @ CLINAM 2017
Precision NanoSystems will be showcasing the benefits of its NanoAssemblr™ System and micr Taking place in Basel, Switzerland, from the 7th to the 10th of May, this summit focuses on recent advances and current hurdles in the translation of nanomedicines from the research setting to the clinic. The Precision NanoSystems team will be on hand throughout the conference to discuss the practical challenges of nanomedicine development, as well as participating in a number of other activities. In addition, company CEO and co-founder Dr James Taylor will be giving a presentation entitled Meeting the challenge with microfluidics: Enabling nanomedicine development from basic research to the clinic at 14:45 on Monday the 8th in Hall Sidney. Looking at the use of a microfluidic approach for the continuous manufacture of nanomedicines, he will be focusing on some of the new opportunities this technology offers in terms of reproducibility, scalability and the assembly of challenging particle types. James commented: “Our company’s focus is on helping to accelerate
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Internet of Lab Things, keyword at the Paperless Lab Academy The Paperless Lab Academy consolidates its reputation as one of the best lab automation Eu
Internet of Lab Things, keyword at the Paperless Lab Academy
The Paperless Lab Academy consolidates its reputation as one of the best lab automation Eu The event took place in Barcelona beginning of last April, and brought about 250 people from the industry coming from Europe, United States and India. At NL42, we are extremely pleased with the results and feedback received after the recent acquisition of the event’s organization. The event is dedicated to companies needing to adopt a paperless approach in their scientific data management throughout the product life cycle. We decided to focus this year’s edition on the Internet of Lab things (IoLT) with the title ”2020 Roadmap for Digital Convergence - transforming scientific information into actionable insight” The event consists of a balanced mix of plenary and workshop sessions. The sponsors benefit an interactive workshop where they showcase the latest trends in methodology, systems and tools. Attracted by the chance to get to know the key players and the new comers, our visitors have several opportunities to network and interact with providers, peers and
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Graphitisation at up to 3000°C - What is it good for? High-tech Applications from Carbolite-Gero
Graphitisation at up to 3000°C - What is it good for?
High-tech Applications from Carbolite-Gero Graphite is a soft, slippery, greyish-black substance. It has a metallic luster and is opaque to light. Graphite is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Often graphite is simply named carbon. Under inert gas or vacuum graphite is extremely temperature-resistant which makes it an interesting material for high temperature applications. By heating graphite up to 3000°C its properties are optimized. As a result, heat treatment of graphite is a growing market and graphite has become an important material for a variety of applications all over the world. Graphite is often part of composite materials. In the automotive industry, for example, graphite is used for manufacturing brakes, brake linings, clutch facings, engine parts, friction components, mechanical seals and also as a substitute for steel or aluminum in car frames.
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Kojair sicherheitswerkbank von natur aus leise! Kojair sicherheitswerkbak
Kojair sicherheitswerkbank von natur aus leise!
Kojair sicherheitswerkbak Mikrobiologische Sicherheitswerkbank „Kojair” Von Natur aus leise Bedarf •Der Schutz des Anwenders und der zu untersuchenden Proben im mikrobiologischen Labor oder bei der Zytostatika-Herstellung •Optimale Ergonomie für entspanntes, ermüdungsfreies Arbeiten Lösung 2-Filter-Geräte (nach EN 12469 zertifiziert) und 3-Filter-Geräte (nach DIN EN 12469 und DIN 12980 zertifiziert) von Kojair (Klasse II). Durch die innovative und intelligente Lufttechnik bieten die 2- und 3-Filter-Geräte der neuesten Generation erhöhten Personen-, Produkt- und Verschleppungsschutz. Die Strömungsverhältnisse werden permanent kontrolliert und überwacht. Die sensorgesteuerte, elektronische Regelung der Ventilatoren kompensiert den Druckverlustanstieg durch Filterbelastung. Eigenschaften •3 Serien: GoldenLine ErgoSilence, SilverLine BlueSeries, Xtra XL BlueSeries •Leise, je nach Modell unter 44 dB(A) •Schatten- und blendfreie Arbeitszone mit regelbarer
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GenTegra DNA
GenTegra DNA
- The stabilization has been testen for over 20 years without degradation - >99% of DNA is recovered - Protection against high temperatures during transport - Tolerates extreme temperatures and fluctuations in temperature Check out the video and see how to apply DNA with Gentegra cluster tubes. NovaVeth has GenTegra DNA, along with other GenTegra products, in its assortment.
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MAH forecast to provide further opportunities at CPhI China
International attendee participation expected to increase by 15% Amsterdam, 3rd May 2017: CPhI & P-MEC China – organised by Ubm emea and Ubm sinoexpo – returns for its 17th edition to the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai, China from 20th to 22nd of June 2017. The event is once again co-located with ICSE, InnoPack, BioPh, NEX, LABWorld, EP & Clean Room Technology, p-Logi, Health Ingredients China, Fi (Food Ingredients) Asia – China, and FDF (Finished Dosage Formulation) China 2017. The detailed pilot plan for the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) system is a revolutionary process in the development of biopharmaceutical innovation in the country. The new system allows the license holders of a drug to sell in China using a contract manufacturer, instead of manufacturing the drug themselves. This makes it easier for the growing number of Chinese biotech’s to progress their own products through clinical development; they are no longer required to invest in their own manufacturing facilities. However,
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Best Practice in Sample Identification Solutions
Best Practice in Sample Identification Solutions
Brady’s Sample Identification Guidebook presents the most popular sample identification solutions, widely used in the world’s leading laboratories. Brady’s laboratory identification products are designed to serve the world’s biotechnology, agricultural, environmental and forensic researchers. Whether you work in pathology, histology, chromatography or other areas of science, Brady labelling solutions can help you maintain Good Laboratory Practice. Brady Sample Identification solutions: ⦁ match existing vial, slide, and well plate sizes ⦁ remain legible throughout processing and storage ⦁ endure freezer storage, liquid nitrogen, autoclave, hot water baths and solvents including Xylene, DMSO and Ethanol ⦁ allow bar coding for extensive information storage on even the tiniest sample ⦁ integrate seamlessly with your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
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New refrigerated centrifuge from Capp
New refrigerated centrifuge from Capp
NovaVeth added the latest centrifuge from Capp to the portfolio. This centrifuge works with samples from -20°C to 40°C. It is possible to cool down samples to 4°C in only 5 minutes. The Refrigerated centrifuge has different rotor options for different tube sizes. Because of the Teflon coating, condensation will not affect the inside of the centrifuge.
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