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News items June 2017

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New: 0.30ml tube with external thread!
New: 0.30ml tube with external thread!
The latest addition to the Micronic tube range is the 0.30ml tube with external thread. The tube has a working volume of 210µl and this makes it ideal for low volume genomics and the storage of RNA and DNA. This tube offers all the specific features of the external threaded tube range, like an optimal sealing quality, a sturdy design and an improved sample safety. The 0.30ml tube is automation-friendly and available in bulk and in Micronic ULT racks.
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Pipette Leak Test Unit of Brand
Pipette Leak Test Unit of Brand
The most common cause of inaccuracy of your pipettes is leakage. The Brand Pipette Leak Testing (PLT) Unit even finds the smallest leaks of your pipette within seconds. Single and multi-channel pipettes can be tested with or without tips. The precautionary daily testing of a pipette in the periods between calibrations causes a significant improvement in the process. Click below for more information. You can visit the website for more information about the NovaVeth calibration service.
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Ritter Ritips
Ritter Ritips
The Ritter Ritips are available in 9 tip sizes and suitable for dosing sizes of 1μl to 5ml. Through the Ritips you can dose safely without the risk of cross contamination. The stepper will never be in contact with the liquid or vapor. The Ritips are compatible with the electronic Ritter Ripette genX, the Ritter Ripette Pro and many other dispensers. Are you interested in the products of Ritter? Do not hesitate to contact us.
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10 tips for laboratory efficiency
10 tips for laboratory efficiency
Efficiency in a laboratory is very important for the research outcome. The outcome may be different than expected because of a small change in the process or the equipment. In this article you can read 10 tips to improve the efficiency of your personnel, process and equipment. For example, did you know that it is important to keep your work space as minimal as possible? Vitl, a brand sold by NovaVeth, is highly specialized in laboratory efficiency. Check out all the other tips on how Vitl can make your laboratory efficient with its equipment.
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XTube-processor of HTI bio-X
XTube-processor of HTI bio-X
The X-TubeProcessor of HTI bio-X is a versatile capper / decapper for screw caps. In addition to the capping / decapping function, this customer-specific solution can also be provided with a tube label or tube filling system. This device is compatible with different types of tubes. The X-Tube Processor is manufactured by HTI bio-X, a German engineering firm specializing in superior automation solutions. Go for more information about this device to our website and watch the video below.
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Ekf poct hbA1c testing comparable to lab-based HPLC EKF Quo-Test HbA1c analyzer successfully evaluated at Diabetes Research Unit
Ekf poct hbA1c testing comparable to lab-based HPLC
EKF Quo-Test HbA1c analyzer successfully evaluated at Diabetes Research Unit A recent study has confirmed that EKF Diagnostics’ Quo-Test® A1c point-of-care testing (POCT) analyzer shows comparable performance to a lab-based HPLC system for the measurement of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c). Recently published in Practical Laboratory Medicine [1], the study by the Diabetes Research Unit Cymru, Swansea University, UK, also observed that under the correct circumstances using WHO guidelines Quo-Test is appropriate for the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. HbA1c is routinely used as a measure for the assessment of long-term diabetes control and, more recently, it has also been recommended for diabetes diagnosis. With the increasing use of POCT devices for the measurement of HbA1c without the waiting time associated with laboratory testing, it is crucial to determine how their performance compares. The Swansea University study aimed to compare the Quo-Test POCT analyser using boronate fluorescence quenching technology with an established HPLC laboratory
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Lab Innovations – back for 2017!
Lab Innovations – back for 2017!
Lab Innovations – the UK’s only dedicated showcase for laboratory technology, analytical and biotech equipment – returns for its sixth consecutive year on 1 & 2 November 2017 at the NEC, Birmingham. With the largest gathering of laboratory suppliers in the UK, this free-to-attend show has lots on offer for professionals across a wide range of sectors, from pharmaceuticals to food and drink. Lab Innovations continues its strong links with the scientific community, with partners including GAMBICA, the Science Council, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Innovation DB and UKSPA for 2017. The packed schedule will cover the latest trends in laboratory science across three live theatres, including the all new Insights and Innovations theatre, which will feature debates about the latest advances in food and drink technology, life sciences and pharma. The Royal Society of Chemistry theatre will focus on the analysis of illicit substances – including cannabis and so-called ‘legal
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PlateButler® Software
“user-friendly, reliable software” Today an automated laboratory has the need for an instant overview at any time and reliable software solutions. Lab Services has released the new redesigned & developed PlateButler® software; a unique and sophisticated solution for laboratory automation, to integrate microplate modules and robots. In a recognisable design it’s easy to use software with many benefits compared to standard software solutions. The compatibility to all relevant Windows systems makes PlateButler® software versatile. The software is compatible with all brands and makes of instruments. Key features: • Dashboard view to see the system’s status at a quick glance • Easy programming through plate path by drag ‘n drop principle • Throughput calculation from sequence programming • Real-Time Dynamic Scheduler • Automated Runtime calculation with self-learning access times • Compatible to all Windows versions • Multiple robot systems control on just one PC • Modular architecture • Access
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Symcel: Calorimetry-based 3D phenotype assays
A necessity for drug discovery and personalized medicine Symcel: 19 June 2017: Modern drug discovery is based predominantly on parameter research. Individual factors like gene expression levels, protein levels, protein activity and localization are measured and extrapolated into in vivo function for treatment in humans. The measurement of factors and levels is limited in time and space and to a large extent performed in synthetic cell models based on the two-dimensional growth of immortalized cell lines – far away from the tissue/organ/whole organism that will eventually be treated, usually for an extended period. The proposal is to try and increase the knowledge of cell-response upon treatment and to reduce the gap between synthetic assay conditions and real live whole human response. The way to do this is to introduce the phenotypic assay where the total response of all the mechanisms of life is accounted for. The extrapolation of the effect in a two-dimensional (2D) cell culture to the in vivo human situation has
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Dynamic Image Analysis of metal powders Particle characterization of Metal Powders with Dynamic Image Analysis
Dynamic Image Analysis of metal powders
Particle characterization of Metal Powders with Dynamic Image Analysis Production capacities for specialized metal powders are increasing worldwide. Advances in production technologies generate a demand for tailored and tightly controlled powders with distinctive proper ties in terms of chemical composition, particle size distribution, and particle morphology , as these greatly influence the subsequent processing. This applies to conventional powder metallurgy processes (mixing-compacting-sintering) as well as to more advanced techniques like metal injection molding (MIM) or additive manufacturing (AM). For MIM, metal powder is mixed with a binder and injected into a mold, followed by thermal or chemical removal of the binder and ? nal sintering (Fig. 1). A rapidly growing technology for the production of metal par ts is additive manufacturing. The term comprises different techniques like selective laser sintering, selective laser melting, or electron beam melting. In all these processes, the product is built layer-by-layer. Each layer
15-06-2017  |  635x  |  White paper  | 
FRITSCH opens a subsidiary in the US
FRITSCH opens a subsidiary in the US
Besides branches in Singapore, Russia, China and France now Fritsch opened its first subsidiary in the US: Fritsch Milling and Sizing Inc. For a long time we have been serving customers in the USA but in order to meet the demands of our customers in a growing market it was time to have a Fritsch branch directly in the US. The new Fritsch headquarters USA is located in North Carolina and is part of the so called “Research Triangle” consisting of numerous research institutes, established companies as well as renowned universities. President Fritsch usa melissa Fauth considers this an ideal environment for FRITSCH. The new Fritsch team has offices and a storage facility, but also an applications laboratory stocked with numerous Fritsch instruments. Melissa Fauth and service technician Bradley Miller can introduce Fritsch instruments here and if needed conduct tests and sample grindings for customers. The team is supported by Robert Fauth which is in charge of
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Precision NanoSystems @ the BIO International Convention A key session opens up the challenges of delivering personalized genetic medicines
Precision NanoSystems @ the BIO International Convention
A key session opens up the challenges of delivering personalized genetic medicines Visitors to the upcoming BIO International Convention in San Diego will have the opportunity to explore how key players in the industry are tackling the challenges of personalized genetic medicines. The hour-long session, hosted by Precision NanoSystems and moderated by the company’s COO and co-founder Euan Ramsay, will be held on June 22nd, from 9am, at the San Diego Convention Center, RM 6C. Speakers have been chosen for their specific focus in different stages of the clinical development process, and will talk about the challenges and possible solutions for genetic medicine development. Arthur Tzianabos from Homology Medicines will begin the session by looking at genome editing from a viral vector perspective. Intellia’s Thomas Barnes will then discuss the company’s CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology, outlining how different drug delivery technologies may be suitable for different diseases. This will be followed by an explanation of how Gritstone Oncology is
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Concept Life Sciences appoints Dr Graeme Clark Bioanalytical and mechanistic toxicology expertise strengthened
Concept Life Sciences appoints Dr Graeme Clark
Bioanalytical and mechanistic toxicology expertise strengthened Dr Graeme Clark PHD has joined Concept Life Sciences Dundee as Director of Analytical Services and DMPK. Concept Life Sciences offers tailored preclinical services in areas including investigative and mechanistic toxicology, exploratory and discovery toxicology, PK and metabolism and dermal absorption, as well as providing integrated drug discovery programs. Graeme will be responsible for supporting investigative toxicology and drug discovery customer programs in his particular areas of expertise; bioanalysis, metabolism and pharmacokinetics of small molecules, industrial chemicals, mixtures, oligos, peptides and biotherapeutics, as well as in vitro to in vivo extrapolation, analytical read-across approaches for e.g. REACH. Graeme has over 17 years’ experience in bioanalytical and biotransformation sciences within a wide range of environments such as academia, biotech, large pharma and contract research. Since obtaining his PhD in Bio-organic chemistry in 1999,
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Kojair biosafety cabinet - Infrared Loop Sterilizer High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing without flame, infrared Loop Sterilizer
Kojair biosafety cabinet - Infrared Loop Sterilizer
High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing without flame, infrared Loop Sterilizer Kojair SteriWizard - Infrared Loop Sterilizer Kojair is specialised in development and manufacturing of microbiological safety cabinets and other clean-air devices. We are continuously investing in powerful product development in order to introduce more advanced clean-air applications that make your work easier and protect you from the effects of harmful substances. One of these developments is the build in SteriWizard. High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing without flame. • Instantly ready to work without any unnecessary warm-up • Auto-Start through touchless IR-Sensor technology • Adjustable sterilization and cool-down timers for two users by touch operation • Annealing tube made of special quartz glass • Very simple cleaning of the device and the annealing tube • Efficient use of energy and minimum heat dissipation thanks to the Thermocontol technology • Cool-Touch housing made of stainless steel and safety glass High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing
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Webinar about compliance On demand only
Webinar about compliance
On demand only This webinar will help attendees understand the current issues surrounding data integrity and how essential compliance factors need to work together in the lab to ensure GxP environments meet today’s tough regulatory standards. Learn what the FDA’s data integrity expectations are and what’s required to avoid issues and being caught unprepared in the face of inspections and mandatory requests for documentation. The webinar is on demand only. Click the link below for a request.
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Envigo: AAALAC accreditation for Hyderabad facilities
Princeton, NJ, USA June 1, 2017: Envigo has announced that its Research Models and Services (RMS) facility in Hyderabad, India has been granted full accreditation by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) International Council. In a letter to Envigo, AAALAC notified the company that it had met all the conditions required for full accreditation and commended the high quality facility and expertise of its people. This is the first accreditation of Envigo sites in 2017 and the sixth in total since the launch of the new company in 2015. The award demonstrates ongoing progress towards Envigo’s goal to have all of its European and Asian research models sites accredited by AAALAC. All of Envigo’s US sites are already AAALAC accredited. The isolator breeding facility in Hyderabad was purpose-built in 2015 and boasts state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, ventilation systems, and automated water systems to assure the
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DUMAS analyzer for TN/Protein analysis and also TOC, TN, TIC and EC determination
DUMAS analyzer for TN/Protein analysis
and also TOC, TN, TIC and EC determination Due to the increasing demand of sample analyses for carbon and nitrogen in solids, liquids and sediments, Skalar developed a completely new analyzer, which meets the current market requirements. In addition to the classical analysis of TOC, TC, TIC and TN, this new SNC100 is also able to determine elemental carbon (EC). Furthermore, this state of the art analyzer has a large autosampler with 100 positions for sample weights up to 3 grams. The PrimacsSNC-100 analyzer uses high temperature catalytic combustion including a recirculation cycle which guarantees 100% oxidation during this combustion. Therefore a wide variety of samples with different concentrations and homogeneity can be measured by each other.
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The Skalar bluVision™ Discrete analyzer.
The Skalar bluVision™ Discrete analyzer.
Skalar will show its latest development at Laborama 2017: The BluVision Discrete analyzer. The analyzer is specifically designed for environmental and industrial laboratories analyzing a wide variety of sample types and matrices. This system integrates years of experience in the field of spectrophotometric analysis and robot automation in one design. Advantages are the lower detection limits, higher accuracy and the large sample capacity compared to the current generation of discrete analyzers in the market. The analyzer is standardly delivered with separate waste collection for environmentally harmful chemicals. Of course, automatic re-analysis of samples from under- or over-range concentrations are part of this discrete concept. The analyzer is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. The Skalar analysis methods are conform NEN-ISO 15923-1, CMA/2/I/C.8, EPA, etc.
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Sphere Introduces Trend Graphs and Scheduling to Proxima New Proxima blood testing functionality for enhanced critical care patient management
Sphere Introduces Trend Graphs and Scheduling to Proxima
New Proxima blood testing functionality for enhanced critical care patient management Sphere Medical, an innovative company in critical care monitoring and diagnostics equipment, announces the introduction of new functionality to its Proxima™ bedside blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite analyser. The new Trend Graphs and Scheduling functions on-board Proxima support rapid clinical decision making in critical care. When managing critically ill patients, the trend in blood test results is as crucial as the values themselves. By displaying Trend Graphs for respiratory and metabolic analytes (including glucose) on Proxima’s bedside monitor, clinicians are able to quickly determine patient progress. Are they improving or deteriorating, or is a therapeutic intervention having the required effect? For example, following ventilator weaning or during glycaemic control. As a patient-connected acute respiratory and metabolic monitoring system, Proxima displays graphs of up to three different analytes simultaneously. Each chart shows normal physiological ranges
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