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News items September 2017

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Mesoblast’s US $40 million raise oversubscribed  - As it’s pipeline of late-phase regenerative drugs continues to progress
Mesoblast’s US $40 million raise oversubscribed
- As it’s pipeline of late-phase regenerative drugs continues to progress Mesoblast, a world leader in cell-based regenerative medicine, was oversubscribed and enjoyed the support of its main shareholder on its recent raise of US $40 million. The company now has more than $80 million in cash which it will use to complete its Phase III trials in advanced chronic heart failure, acute graft versus host disease (aGVHD), and chronic low back pain. Mesoblast has already obtained regulatory approval for its aGVHD treatment, MSC-100-IV, in Japan where its local partner, JCR pharmaceuticals, has launched the treatment for children and adults. The FDA has also granted the treatment a Fast Track designation to improve overall response rate in children with steroid refractory aGVHD. Regarding the Phase III program for its treatment for chronic lower back pain in degenerative disk disease, MPC-06-ID, Mesoblast is in alignment with the FDA, and has received confirmation that the trial’s primary endpoint is acceptable for product approval. The company
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Customer stories integral to new website redesign Syrris, a world leader in flow chemistry, batch chemistry reactor and chemistry scale-up s
Customer stories integral to new website redesign
Syrris, a world leader in flow chemistry, batch chemistry reactor and chemistry scale-up s Syrris, a world leader in flow chemistry, batch chemistry reactor and chemistry scale-up systems, has recently launched a new website accompanied by a logo redesign. With an array of innovative products alongside its award-winning R&D, it was time that Syrris’ online presence reflected the energy and personality of the company; a rebrand was in order. The fresh website was designed with customers in mind, following a consultation with chemists to evaluate the appeal of different design aesthetics and determine the overall look and feel. The new layout simplifies the process of finding product and application information, and provides easy access to the support team. Supporting scientists in their research is central to Syrris’ mission, and customer stories are helpfully collated in one place on the website. Nothing is more exciting for the company than seeing its products involved in the latest cutting-edge research, whether synthesizing quantum dots, developing
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Dolomite Bio offers single-cell RNA-Seq to tackle kidney res Scientists at the Epigenetics in Human Health and Disease Laboratory, Monash University, A
Dolomite Bio offers single-cell RNA-Seq to tackle kidney res
Scientists at the Epigenetics in Human Health and Disease Laboratory, Monash University, A Scientists at the Epigenetics in Human Health and Disease Laboratory, Monash University, Australia, have adopted Dolomite Bio’s Single Cell RNA-Seq System to further their research into animal models of diabetic nephropathy. Mark Ziemann, research fellow and next generation sequencing specialist, explained: “Previously, we’ve run bulk RNA sequencing on these animal models, and discovered a lot of variability coming from different cell types in the kidney. Single cell RNA-Seq will help us disentangle the major cell types involved in the disease from those which are not, and determine which cells interact with the immune system. Given that this will be an ongoing focus of our research, we thought we’d invest in our own instrument for the benefit of the 65-strong department.” “We chose Dolomite Bio’s system because it’s open and flexible, offering us the possibility of looking at epigenetic modifications – such as single-cell chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing
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Adam Rutherford to speak at Lab Innovations 2017
Adam Rutherford to speak at Lab Innovations 2017
Lab Innovations – the UK’s only dedicated showcase for laboratory, analytical and biotech equipment – returns to the NEC, Birmingham, for its sixth consecutive year on the 1st and 2nd of November 2017. Science writer and broadcaster Adam Rutherford will be a keynote speaker at this year’s event, drawing on his experiences as a scientific adviser for the film industry to highlight how popular culture can be an effective medium for ‘normalising’ science. Adam’s presentation, entitled Pipetting in Hollywood: my life as a scientific advisor in films, will be on Wednesday the 1st of November in the Royal Society of Chemistry theatre. He commented: “It’s the explicit secret agenda of people like myself – scientists with a media profile – to normalise science in culture. Science shouldn’t be seen as the preserve of boffins and people in white coats with badly combed hair. Our aim is to show science as something completely normal, so if you can introduce genuine scientific
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ADC Bio to invest $11m on Bioconjugation facility
25 September, 2017, Wales: ADC Biotechnology (ADC Bio) – a specialist ADC contract services company with proprietary conjugation technology designed to overcome process and aggregation challenges during the development of new antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) – announces it has secured investment for the construction of an $11 million* bioconjugation facility at its new site in Deeside, North Wales, UK. The 6,500m2 facility – scheduled to be operational by December 2018 – will support manufacturing in all clinical phases and small-scale commercial production of antibody drug conjugates. It will provide GMP production suites equipped with vessels of 10 up to a few hundred litres for batch sizes from 100 grams up to a kilo. The new integrated facility will enable ADC Bio to complement its long established technical services business that provides small scale R&D through to pre-clinical testing, with three on site laboratories and analytical testing capabilities. The
25-09-2017  |  261x  |  News in brief
Domestic companies predict 16% growth in South Korean pharma
Amsterdam, 25 September 2017: CPhI Korea, organized by UBM, closed its doors in Seoul after another record-breaking event that attracted 4,300 attendees and 147 exhibitors. During the event, UBM undertook an in-depth onsite survey of both international and domestic attendees, with domestic companies reporting a headline growth in the order of 16% across the South Korean pharma economy. As the largest pharma event in South Korea, the confidence amongst the attendees is a good indication of the industry’s overall health. And, the onsite survey results showed that 75% of domestic companies believe that the South Korean ‘biologics and biosimilars sectors will grow the fastest’. However, just 44.5% of international companies agreed with this, with 30% stating generics had the biggest potential. Highlighting the positive impact the Incheon Free Economic Zone has had on the industry, 95% of all respondents backed the government introducing ‘further similar incentives’.
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CPhI Worldwide Pharma Awards finalists unveiled
Largest ever CPhI Pharma Awards receives over 200 entries Amsterdam, 22 September 2017: CPhI Worldwide, organised by UBM, announces the finalists of the 2017 CPhI Pharma Awards. Such was the quality; a record 98 entries have been shortlisted, with the winners due to be announced during this year’s CPhI Worldwide in Frankfurt. Now in its 14th year, an impressive 19 commendations will be awarded in celebration of the most successful and innovative pharma achievements. These awards recognise and honour both large established companies, as well as early stage innovators. The finalists have been selected from a record-breaking 200+ submissions – nearly double 2016’s total – received from a remarkable 27 countries. The high volume of entries meant that the judging panel evaluated more than 250,000 words, not to mention the supporting documents that many submissions provided. In particular, there was fierce competition within the ‘Product Packaging’ and ‘Drug Delivery and Devices’ categories, receiving over 20 high-quality
22-09-2017  |  251x  |  News in brief
Envigo appoints CCO and President of EMEA Operations
Both will serve on the Company’s Executive Committee Princeton, NJ, September 21, 2017: Envigo announced today that it has made two new appointments to its Executive Committee. The appointments of a Chief Commercial Officer and President of EMEA Operations have been made at a time of growth for Envigo during which the organization has been focused on improving the quality of the customer experience for its global customer base across the pharmaceutical, chemicals, and crop protection industries. Both of the positions report directly into Dr. Adrian Hardy, Chief Executive Officer of Envigo. Craig Boyd has joined Envigo in the position of Chief Commercial Officer. Craig has more than 20 years’ experience in various global pharmaceutical markets and has worked extensively in the US, Asia, Europe and Australia. A dynamic commercial leader, Craig was the Executive Vice President of Mayne Pharma’s US specialty brands division before joining Envigo. Prior to this, Craig led the global commercial sales functions at Hospira
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Tecan offers walkaway automation for biochemical assays
Tecan’s innovative Spark® multimode reader can now provide walkaway processing of up to 50 assay plates per run with the addition of the new Spark-Stack™ integrated microplate stacker. This versatile and field-upgradeable module is designed to reliably automate plate loading, unloading and re-stacking for non-lidded SLAS-format microplates from six to 1,536 wells. Ideal for assays requiring room temperature pre-incubation steps, the Spark-Stack is equipped with removable dark covers to protect light sensitive assay, such as AlphaLISA®, AlphaScreen®, AlphaPlex™ and GFP-transfected cells. Software updates to both SparkControl™ and SparkControl Magellan™ provide seamless operation of the Spark-Stack module, helping to streamline laboratory workflows and allowing overnight running for greater productivity.
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Together to Success! LAMSYSTEMS GmbH took part in a European conference.
Together to Success!
LAMSYSTEMS GmbH took part in a European conference. Lamsystems GmbH in cooperation with its Austrian distributing partner Bartelt Gesellschaft m. b. H. took part in a European conference “Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Neural Circuit Assembly” (AXON2017). The conference took place from 11th to 14th of September, 2017 and was organized by the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) in Klosterneuburg, a town near Vienna. Besides European scientists, delegations from Israel and Canada also visited the conference. Bartelt Gesellschaft m. b. H. demonstrated a biosafety cabinet Class II savvy from Lamsystems on its stand at an associated industrial exhibition. Lately, the cabinet showed an excellent track record. In a short period of time, a lot of clients who purchased this product reported their satisfaction with its quality. Lamsystems GmbH not only offers a good cost-performance ratio but also impresses with reliability, good maintenance and fast customer service. Bartelt Gesellschaft m. b. H.
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Antigen Peptides- Creative Peptides
Antigen Peptides- Creative Peptides
Peptide antigen, namely, a peptide used to trigger animal’s immune system to develop antibodies specific to that peptide. Nowadays, the use of synthetic peptide antigens as immunogens has markedly increased, and this technique is also widely applied for immune research such as tumor immunotherapy etc. With ten years experience in antigen peptides supply, Creative Peptides is experienced in the synthesis of complex antigen peptides, such as glycopeptides or hyperphosphorylation peptides. Design of peptide antigens Although many peptide sequences are immunogenic, not all of them are identically effective in generating antibodies when act against the target protein. Effective antibody generation depends on several factors that need to be considered at the very first stage of peptides designing. Mimicking specific parts of the target protein, peptide antigens can provide much flexibility for scientific research. However, most of synthetic peptides are composed
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ghk peptide - Creative Peptides
Copper peptide is a naturally occurring copper complex of a glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine peptide. It can promote activation of wound healing, attraction of immune cells, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, stimulation of collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis in skin fibroblasts. As to the function, copper peptide can tighten the loose skin and improve the skin elasticity, clarity and firmness. It reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles, and is widely used in reparative and anti-aging cosmetics.
13-09-2017  |  473x  |  Product description
Isotope Labeled Peptides - Creative Peptides
Isotope Labeled Peptides - Creative Peptides
Stable isotope labeled peptides, or SIL peptides, maintain identical amino acid sequence with the natural ones released from the parent proteins by chemical or enzymatic cleavage, but some of the amino acid residuals are labeled by specific stable isotope, such as 2H, 13C, and/or 15N atom(s). Stable isotope labeled peptides have been widely applied in the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and mass spectrometry (MS). The combination of SIL peptides with NMR spectroscopy allow for the incorporation of NMR active nuclei which can reduce the complexity of spectra, and then help researchers to obtain novel correlations between atoms for more structural information. Meanwhile, the utilization of SIL peptides in quantitative proteomics can facilitate the comparison of different proteomes, and protein-protein interaction studies as internal standards, even MRM/SRM-based absolute quantification of specific target proteins in biological samples. This AQUA strategy,
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Deslorelin Acetate - Creative Peptides
Deslorelin acetate is an injectable gonadotropin releasing hormone super-agonist (GnRH agonist) also known as an LHRH agonist. It stops the production of sex hormones (testosterone and oestrogen). Deslorelin Acetate (brand name Ovuplant) is currently approved for use in veterinary medicine and is used to induce ovulation in mares as part of the artificial insemination process. It is also used to stabilize high-risk pregnancies, mainly of livestock.
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Automatic Film Applicator ‘Compact’ Entry level applicator
Automatic Film Applicator ‘Compact’
Entry level applicator A reproducible film is crucial to run meaningful tests in a paint laboratory. A manual draw down is affected by many variables such as application speed, applied force on the applicator block/barcoater and above all the operator. Especially the speed of application is determinative for the final thickness of the draw down. Versatile solution For those laboratories that are still applying paint films manually the TQC Automatic Film Applicator ‘Compact’ has been developed. This entry level film applicator accepts charts up to A4 size. Application speed can be set from 1 to 150 mm/s. The AFA Compact is suitable for both wire wound rod applicators and block applicators. The AFA Compact is available with a glass - or perforated vacuum bed. Easy to operate Operating is easy through the standard TQC operating interface with Triple i technology. This unique system guides the operator through the interface of TQC lab-machines. At each step of the operating menu the interface
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Piramal Pharma Solutions Names John Fowler as its COO
MUMBAI, September 8, 2017: Piramal Pharma Solutions (PPS), part of Piramal Enterprises Limited, announce the appointment of John Fowler as its Chief Operating Officer. PPS is a leader in Integrated Contract Development and Manufacturing, with a global network of 12 development and manufacturing facilities across North America, Europe and Asia. PPS offers a comprehensive range of services including Drug Discovery Solutions, Process & Pharmaceutical Development services, Clinical Trial Supplies and Commercial supply of APIs and Finished dosage forms. In announcing the appointment, Vivek Sharma, CEO, Piramal Pharma Solutions , said, ”As PPS enters into the next phase of its rapid growth, it is important that we bring in seasoned executives with international experience and expertise. Over a distinguished career of nearly three decades, John has successfully led several global businesses, streamlined operations, developed and implemented commercial strategies that have
11-09-2017  |  273x  |  News in brief
Tecan introduces new solution for walkaway LC-MS sample prep
Tecan introduces new solution for walkaway LC-MS sample prep
Tecan has unveiled its latest innovation, the automated Resolvex™ A200 positive pressure workstation for LC-MS sample prep. This walkaway system further expands Tecan’s portfolio of MS sample preparation workstations and smart consumables, uniquely allowing the company to provide complete solutions to match any workflow, from manual processing to semi-automated high throughput systems based on a Freedom EVO® or Fluent® platform. The Resolvex a200 offers unattended positive pressure solid phase extraction, providing increased walkaway times for LC-MS sample preparation workflows. Lighter and smaller than previous systems, it has been carefully designed to offer greater ease of use and enhanced performance. Eight-channel dispensing delivers a three-fold increase in speed compared to single channel dispensing, and the intuitive touchscreen control enables straightforward integration into laboratory protocols for immediate productivity. The system is compatible with
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New TQC Drying Time Recorder Digitally controlled flexibility
New TQC Drying Time Recorder
Digitally controlled flexibility Paints are changing. New raw materials, cross linkers, additives and above all the switch from solvent borne to waterborne paints have changed drying times of modern paints. Despite this mechanical drying time recorders in the market haven’t changed for decades. With the release of the TQC Drying Time Recorder, drying time tests are future-proof. The TQC Drying Time Recorder is a fully digitally controlled machine to define the different stages in the drying process of paints and coatings. The TQC Drying Time Recorder operates conform the BK (Beck Koller) method. Defining the final result or checking intermediate stages is very easy by means of the clear digital display and the intuitive interface. The compact machine meets ASTM D5895, ISO 9117-4 and DIN EN 14022. The TQC Drying Time Recorder has six tracks, and comes with two robust and reusable glass beds of 100 X 350 X 3 mm. Optional are six narrow glass beds in special adapters. The front panel of the TQC Drying
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Ingenza invests in faster fermentation development Ingenza invests in faster fermentation development
Ingenza invests in faster fermentation development
Ingenza invests in faster fermentation development Leading industrial biotechnology company Ingenza has acquired a high performance benchtop bioreactor system to enable faster development of new fermentation processes. The Sartorius ambr® 250 modular system combines automated operation and monitoring with small-scale, single-use fermentation vessels, offering potential benefits across the business. This compact instrument is designed to fit seamlessly into laboratory fermentation workflows, helping to accelerate development timelines. Alison Arnold, Head of Fermentation Development at Ingenza, explained: “As a pioneer in the industrial biotech sector, we have been involved in the development of this innovative system since the early days, first in a consultancy capacity and later as a beta tester. There is nothing else on the market that combines the resource savings of a miniaturised bioreactor platform with the speed and convenience of fully disposable reaction vessels. This offers big savings in terms of set-up
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Certifictae Kojair Platinum Line biosafety cabinets  Kojair biosafety cabinets
Certifictae Kojair Platinum Line biosafety cabinets
Kojair biosafety cabinets Certificate Platinum Line Kojair has obtained the important TÜV certificate for the newly marketed biosafety cabinet, the “Platinum Line”. With the award of this certificate, Kojair is demonstrably compliant with the stringent standards for safety and ergonomics. TÜV certificate EN-12469:2000 ? EN-12469:2000 is an important European standard in which the minimum performance criteria are set for biosafety cabinets and working with microorganisms. Also, the test Procedures detailed in the light of User; Product and environment safety is set. The EN-12469 standard specifies the requirements normatively and informatively, and refers to other European standards. However, nothing is mentioned for the design, implementation, execution, monitoring, evaluation, maintenance and improvement of a microbiological safety workforce, we have secured this process in the ISO 9001:2008 certification, which will be converted to the new ISO 9001:2015 The “Platinum Line”
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Prestigious scientific organisations support Lab Innovations
Prestigious scientific organisations support Lab Innovations
Lab Innovations – the UK’s only dedicated showcase for laboratory, analytical and biotech equipment – continues to garner support from across the scientific community. Returning to the NEC, Birmingham, for the sixth consecutive year on the 1st and 2nd of November 2017, this year’s event will be backed by renowned organisations including the Science Council, Innovation DB and Laboratory News. Laboratory News, the leading magazine for UK laboratory scientists, has been a media partner of Lab Innovations since its inception in 2012. Managing editor Phil Prime said: “For an editor, shows like this are the perfect opportunity to meet our readers and advertisers. The scientists, technicians and laboratory professionals who attend are the highlight for me, it’s a joy to learn about the essential work they’re doing. Lab Innovations always features excellent keynote speakers too, and I’m looking forward to two days of people sharing ideas that will go on to change science
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NMR analysis service NMR analysis service - Creative Proteomics
NMR analysis service
NMR analysis service - Creative Proteomics Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy has been the dominant analytical technique for structural information of organic compounds and biological macromolecules, because in many cases it can provide valuable structural information of the entire molecules through a set of analytical tests. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, is a property of the nucleus of an atom, concerned with nuclear spin (I). Although the isotopes have various I values (including zero), currently the NMR spectroscopy usually works on the nuclei obtaining I = 1/2, including 1H, 13C, 19F and 31P, which facilitates analysis of the most common elements in organic chemistry for structure determination.
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Lipidomics Lipidomics - Creative Proteomics
Lipidomics - Creative Proteomics Lipids are hydrophobic or amphipathic small molecules which include fats, waxes, sterols, fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamins A, D, E and K), monoglycerides, diglycerides and phospholipids. The crucial role of lipids in biological physiology is evident not only in energy storage and structural components of cellular membranes, but also in signal transduction, membrane trafficking and morphogenesis.Creative-Proteomics provide analytical services for your lipidomics studies.
05-09-2017  |  501x  |  Product description  | 
N-terminal sequencing service n-terminal sequencing service - Creative Proteomics
N-terminal sequencing service
n-terminal sequencing service - Creative Proteomics The sequence of peptide/protein is important to study the biological function of the peptide/protein. However, complete characterization of peptides/proteins, including post-translational modifications (PTMs), sequence mutations and variants, is very challenging. There are two approaches to determine the sequence of peptide/protein by mass spectrometry: database search and de novo sequencing. Database search approach compares acquired mass spectra to a database of known protein sequences to identify the protein sequences. De novo sequencing is a process in which amino acid sequences are directly interpreted from tandem mass spectra without the assistance of a database.
05-09-2017  |  349x  |  Product news  | 
shotgun identification shotgun identification - Creative Proteomics
shotgun identification
shotgun identification - Creative Proteomics Shotgun proteomics refers to a use of bottom-up proteomics techniques to study the whole proteins in a complex mixture, such as serum, urine, and cell lysates, etc. It utilizes the technology of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) in combination with mass spectrometry (MS) technology. The most distinctive feature of shotgun proteomics is that it enables identification and comparative quantification of a wide range of proteins at the same time with minimal protein separation needed. Protein mixtures are first digested by protease, and the resulting peptides are separated in HPLC, followed by tandem MS/MS analysis to identify the sequence of each peptide. The identified peptide sequences are compared with database, in searching for the corresponding protein identity.
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New: Tissue tubes of 1.00ml and 3.50ml with external thread!
New: Tissue tubes of 1.00ml and 3.50ml with external thread!
Micronic has launched two innovative and safe tissue tubes, the 1.00ml in 48 format and the 3.50ml in 24-format. The tubes are designed with special features for storing fresh frozen tissue. The tubes have a wide opening for easy loading and are shallow for the removal of tissue samples using tweezers.The tubes are optionally available with a transparent cap, for easy visual inspection of the attached tissue sample from above. Click here for more information about the new tissue tubes.
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Genplates from GenTegra
Genplates from GenTegra
The Genplates allow storage at room temperature of blood and other biological substances on chemically treated FTE paper of 384 microplate format. Genplates are available in different formats. Each plate has a foil on the top and bottom and has a 14-digit barcode that specifies the type. This technique has been used by GenTegra for years. Are you curious about how this works? Then watch the video below in which it is specifically explained or see more information about the Genplates on our website.
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Book: Managing safety, health and environmental risks in... New English translation of ’Veiligheid en milieu in laboratoria’
Book: Managing safety, health and environmental risks in...
New English translation of ’Veiligheid en milieu in laboratoria’ Different chemicals and different methods of analysis are used in each laboratory. Such a fact does not make it easy to provide a standard guideline for working in the laboratory in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. This book helps the reader to better assess the risks that they may come across in their own unique situation, and to take suitable precautionary measures. An approach focused on sources is a central component of this effort. With the proper approach and common sense, each laboratory employee can find practical solutions that will make his or her workplace safer. This book provides tips for working safely with chemicals, biological agents, radioactive substances, equipment, gas cylinders, cryogenic substances and glassware. Attention is also given to the physical load presented by lab activities. This book provides a good overview of the opportunities to limit the risks of laboratory work and to create a safe and healthy work situation. In
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MR Solutions receives second Queen’s Award MR Solutions receives second Queen’s Award from Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey
MR Solutions receives second Queen’s Award
MR Solutions receives second Queen’s Award from Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey MR Solutions has received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise from the Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey at their Guildford headquarters in September in recognition of their outstanding success in growing international sales. It was only a year earlier that MR Solutions had won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation. This dual success has been driven by MR Solutions’ strong investment in the development and commercialisation of their ground-breaking cryogen-free preclinical MRI imaging technology which uniquely can be combined with other imaging capabilities such as PET or SPECT. Michael More-Molyneux, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant presented the award on behalf of The Queen to David Taylor, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, at MR Solutions, with Charles Fowler, Deputy Lieutenant who read the citation. The Lord-Lieutenant remarked that ‘he didn’t know he would be back so soon’ after the Queen’s award presentation held the previous year. The award
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Jesper Ericsson appointed new CEO of Symcel
Symcel today announces the appointment of Jesper Ericsson as new Chief Executive Officer 1 September 2017: Symcel has today announced that Jesper Ericsson has joined Symcel as Chief Executive Officer – with the appointment effective immediately. Ericsson was formally Director of Marketing and Sales at BioLamina AB, where he was responsible for direct sales both internationally and at a global and regional distributor level. During the past 10 years, Jesper has gained broad experience of the commercialization of research-based products through his work at the Unit for Bioentrepreneurship at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and as co-founder of the Stockholm BiotechBuilders Association. He holds a PhD in neuroscience from the Karolinska Institute and a MSc in medical technology from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Jesper Ericsson commented: ”I very much look forward to developing the plan and globally establishing Symcel’s solutions for phenotypic screening - with a substantial focus on sales and marketing
01-09-2017  |  251x  |  News in brief
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