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07-09-2017  |  400x
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Certifictae Kojair Platinum Line biosafety cabinets

Kojair biosafety cabinets

Certificate Platinum Line
Kojair has obtained the important TÜV certificate for the newly marketed biosafety cabinet, the “Platinum Line”. With the award of this certificate, Kojair is demonstrably compliant with the stringent standards for safety and ergonomics.

TÜV certificate EN-12469:2000 ?

EN-12469:2000 is an important European standard in which the minimum performance criteria are set for biosafety cabinets and working with microorganisms. Also, the test Procedures detailed in the light of User; Product and environment safety is set.

The EN-12469 standard specifies the requirements normatively and informatively, and refers to other European standards. However, nothing is mentioned for the design, implementation, execution, monitoring, evaluation, maintenance and improvement of a microbiological safety workforce, we have secured this process in the ISO 9001:2008 certification, which will be converted to the new ISO 9001:2015

The “Platinum Line” is progressive and resets the standard with a futuristic design in which material choices have an important part. Key features such as safety, energy consumption and noise level achieve levels that are unmatched.

“Kojair strives to improve its products continuously and demonstrably. Thanks to our certifications, our customers have the proven guarantee that safety is adequately guaranteed “

The extensive certification process for the TÜV EN-12469:2000 standard for the “Platinum Line” was initiated by Kojair at the end of 2016. Now that the certificate has been obtained, periodic audits will be carried out by TÜV. Kojair therefore aligns with The New Audit vision for a combination of self assessments (at the workplace), internal audits and external audits

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