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Ubiquitin Screening

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Ubiquitin Screening

Ubiquitination is a key regulatory mechanism attaching the small protein modifier ubiquitin to protein substrates, thereby modifying their structure, cellular location, function, or targeting them for destruction via proteolysis. The process of protein ubiquitylation regulates many aspects of cell function and provides a wealth of drug target opportunities to many therapeutic areas including cancers, cardiovascular, metabolism, inflammation, diabetes, neurodegeneration and infectious diseases.

Creative Biogene is helping to lead the way with cutting edge ubiquitin screening and profiling services that enable researchers to advance their understanding of ubiquitin’s fundamental and underlying biochemistry, as well as accelerating drug discovery in this area. No matter whether you’re interested in screening for a novel ubiquitin deconjugating enzyme (DUB) inhibitor, a regulator of a ubiquitin ligase (E3s) or want to investigate any other part of the ubiquitin system, we provide the assays and capabilities to support your research programs.

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