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MicroRNA Sponge Service

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MicroRNA Sponge Service | Creative Biogene

MicroRNA Sponge Service

The sponge mRNA contains multiple target sites complementary to a miRNA of interest. Stably expressed miRNA sponge is particularly valuable for long-term loss-of-function studies both in vitro and in vivo.

Creative Biogene provides world-class MicroRNA (miRNA) sponge service and we have been perfecting MicroRNA sponge service for many years. Our microRNA sponge is a RNA molecule with 5-8 tandem miRNA binding sequences that can sequester miRNAs from their endogenous target mRNAs.

►Contact: contact@creative-biogene.com

  Product news Placed: 09-05-2018       Views: 61x  

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